Confessions: Why did you break up with your ex?


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Confessions: Why did you break up with your ex?

‘I can show you the screenshots’

Do you know why your last relationship ended? You thought everything was going great, only to be single again a week later with no idea how it happened. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. These guys have had a pretty shitty time too.

Muhammad, first year, Business and Management

I broke up with my girlfriend because I was moving to another country for my further education and I didn’t think that the long distance relationship would work out for us.

Michael, first year, Management and Marketing


I broke up wıth my ex because one of my friends snaked me. He lied to her that I was cheating on her – I wasn’t – just because he wanted to be with her and he was hurt because she rejected him. Beware of snakes.

I can even show you the screenshots.

Velina, first year, Management with Marketing

We dated for two and a half years while we were in the same high school, but after he moved to Spain for university our relationship became long distance and after a certain point we lost the passion.

Guillaume, first year, Management

She cheated on me, and I ended up fighting the guy. Guys don’t really care if a girl is in a relationship or not, but she definitely should have.

Emma, first year, Management with International Business

He was younger than me and he wasn’t as mature as me, so when we actually started dating his behaviour changed. I saw him less as my boyfriend and more like my little brother.

Laura, first year, Mathematics with Philosophy

He told me I spent way too much time studying and I should be with him more, so I dumped him and got great exam results instead. No regrets.

Pedro, first year, Physics

She was too obsessed with her ex boyfriend, I was tired and bored of her talking about her ex all the time.


Bethany, first year, Classics

He decided to take a gap year and I moved for university, we just broke up because we knew long distance would never work. We are actually still good friends.


Two things to take away from this: Long distance relationships never work, and people don’t really like to talk about their exes.