I’m not ashamed of my risqué photos – they’re empowering


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I’m not ashamed of my risqué photos – they’re empowering

I did a photo shoot and never felt more confident

I am not one to be afraid of showing skin – in pictures or in person – so I love taking photos that push the boundaries of some opinions.

One of my favorite quotes is: “Nudity empowers some. Modesty empowers some. Different things empower different women and it’s not your place to tell her which one it is.”

Everyone is comfortable with different things, but that doesn’t mean any one of us is wrong.

I’ve recently done photo shoots with a sultry and sexy tone and as my mom would say, too “risqué.” I love each photo that has come out, but in the same breath, I feel like I can’t be excited to show people in fear of judgement.

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I was so giddy to show my family members the pictures and couldn’t wait to hear their feedback, but instead I got disapproving looks and them shifting in their seats because they were uncomfortable.

Why? Why are you uncomfortable with me being comfortable with my body? Why does me taking these photos make you think of less of me? Why does this make me “attention-seeking?” The answer to all of these questions is because society says so.

Society looks down upon women for dressing and showing more skin, even if they do feel more comfortable that way and that’s a problem.

Barrett Peters / HoundsPhoto

Because I wear tighter, smaller pieces of clothing in these photos, I’m not taken as seriously. I’m getting penalized for embracing my body and being comfortable in my own skin, and to me, that’s not right.

People would rather have me be covered from head to toe, because it will make them feel content, even though I feel restricted and less like myself.

Some would even say because I take photos like these, I lose my femininity and my self-respect because I’m “not leaving enough for the imagination” or not appreciating “my body as a temple” or “guys won’t respect you if you don’t respect yourself.”

Well let me just clear this up. No one has the choice to say I lose my femininity besides me, and yes, I realize my body is a temple, but the keyword is “my,”  and, I do respect myself. Just because I take “scandalous” photos does not mean it gives anyone the right to disrespect me.

Barrett Peters / HoundsPhoto

The truth is, I don’t care what people think about how I portray my body anymore, and honestly, no one else should either because confidence is sexy no matter where it comes from. Any disapproving comments come from small-minded people, whose opinions are irrelevant.

How does a woman wearing a bra or a swimsuit or tight fitting jeans offend anyone? Instead of trying to tear women down and say “you shouldn’t be wearing that” or “you look kind of slutty,” how about you applaud and congratulate them for having enough courage to embrace their body. In this day and age body confidence is hard enough, so if someone feels comfortable in their own skin you should encourage them not ostracize them.

It took a long and difficult road to be proud of and love my body the way it is, and damn it who are you to tell me otherwise.

Barrett Peters / HoundsPhoto

People get too distressed and worked up about nudity. Underneath clothes, we are all naked, all the same. That doesn’t mean people have to go out and wear less clothing and be someone who they’re not, but nudity and human bodies are beautiful and no one should criticize mine or anyone else for showing off their beautiful, natural body.

I am not going to let people tell me how I should feel about my own skin. It’s not others job to tell you how to feel. It’s my home, therefore I should be comfortable living in it and so should you.