Tinder horror stories that will make you want to delete it from your phone forever


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Tinder horror stories that will make you want to delete it from your phone forever

‘He got his penis out in a coffee shop’

Tinder is everywhere. It’s now so engrained in our culture that you’d be forgiven for automatically thinking we’re all using it – and using it successfully. But in fact babe’s sexual attitudes survey found that nearly half of us – 44 per cent – have either completely given up on it or have never used a dating app at all.

And of those who do, over half – 63 per cent – have never had sex with someone they met while use the app. 76 per cent of us have never found love, or had a relationship from someone we met while swiping either. With stories like this though, you can see why.


He turned out to be a complete psychopath and bought me a humiliation gimp suit because he was too “nervous” to have sex with me, and the gimp suit would’ve “made it easier.” I ran.

Credit Daniella Urdinlaiz (www.lookcatalog.com)
Credit Daniella Urdinlaiz (www.lookcatalog.com)


He got his penis out in a coffee shop.


This guy picked me up and was gonna take me to dinner, but instead he got a hotel room and ordered Chinese food. Things got worse when he took off his belt and I realized he had a gun. In the state of Indiana there is a conceal and carry law so I was taken aback, but thought maybe he’s just really into guns. We did end up having sex after dinner, but I realized I was just uncomfortable so I said I didn’t feel good from the Chinese and made him drive me home.

He called and texted me for weeks afterwards with more and more outrageous stories. At its peak he told me he had a brain tumour, then texted me to tell me the doctors had made a mistake. I cut my losses, realised he was batshit crazy and blocked his number.


We went on one date and halfway through he started introducing me as his girlfriend. It was way too fast. Then when I did not want a second date, he got very angry that I “dumped him.”


This dude said if I didn’t message him back he’d kill his cat. He carried on for days. Creeeeep.


I brought a guy home after meeting that evening in the bar for drinks. Things heated up and he proceeded to pour red wine all over my naked body, completely ruin the bed, and then make his escape so quickly after finishing that he left his jacket on the back of my door. I think he thought he was being sexy, but worrying about whether you’ll lose your deposit for the massive red stain on your mattress isn’t exactly the raunchiest thing to think about during sex.

That and him having to come back sheepishly the next day, mumbling his excuses for his hasty exit, made for an awkward encounter only made more awkward by the fact I almost took his bike out with my door (accidentally) when I opened it. Funnily enough, I never heard from him after that.


He asked me what my favourite period of history was and laughed when he said “period.” The date went horribly awkwardly and he still tried to kiss me when I left early. He was not as mature as he made out and not what he seemed, so that basically put me off wanting to meet anyone else.


The guy was fine but he got his bag stolen so we spent the end of the date walking round the area looking in bins in case it had been thrown away.


We went for lunch and he told me global warming was a conspiracy.



I started hooking up with someone I met on a dating app. After a couple times, he told me to shave before we had sex next time because he didn’t like my (trimmed) hair. I told him that he had no right to tell me what to do with my body. I stopped responding to texts from him then deleted his number.

Eight months later, he texted me and I wasn’t aware of who it was and responded. After realizing, I told him I was in a monogamous relationship and he said “good for you! For a girl who likes so many dicks, that’s surprising!!” Oh, and he refers to himself in the third person during sex.


He had a weirdly skinny dick, but otherwise he was really nice, but after we had sex he told me he didn’t believe the moon landing was real. It was more weird than bad, I just wouldn’t want to repeat it.


I met a girl, we went for a couple of dates and she showed up at my job, presented my manager with flowers and chocolate for me. I hadn’t told my workmates I was Bi, and I hadn’t even told her where I worked.


I was snapchatting a guy I met on Tinder, saying I was doing uni work in the library, and a few minutes later he sent me a Snapchat of the outside of the library saying “I’m outside”. He doesn’t go to uni.


He gave me “constructive criticism” on my profile pic.

Credit Daniella Urdinlaiz (www.lookcatalog.com)
Credit Daniella Urdinlaiz (www.lookcatalog.com)


The first guy I ever spoke to on Tinder called me a cunt and said I owed him because I was a “fucking student” and he was paying for my education as a taxpayer. I politely declined to meeting him.


My period started when I was having sex with him, and he just told me to leave.


A guy asked me to go to Buffalo Wild Wings. I thought it was a weird place for a first date but he was cute so I agreed. He stood me up.


While we were having drinks he faked a bipolar episode, left the date abruptly then a week later said the reason he left was because I was too unattractive for him.


I told him to come round mine at night and we started talking about the feminist art I owned. He told me feminism was bullshit and women will always be subservient to men and there are examples of that throughout history. He then went on to say that the only thing women are good for is arts and crafts and pleasuring men. I was so angry I kicked him out and cut up his hat before throwing it onto the street below.


I had a casual sex/dating thing with a guy I met on Tinder because we’ve openly said to one another we don’t want a relationship. This goes on for several months (it isn’t exclusive) and one day he says he’s going to Germany for a couple of weeks. About a week later he calls me out of the blue saying he’s sorry, he’s a terrible person, he’s had a girlfriend the whole time, I’m the “other woman.”

Later that day (after I tell him to fuck off) I get a message from the lady herself saying “I hope you had fun fucking my boyfriend.” Although I was initially angry I reply with a long, lovely message saying how I understand why she’s angry but he’s played us both and he’s the arsehole, etc. etc. She apologises, thanks me for being so kind, and I think that’s the end of it.

A couple of months later she messages me again saying she was having trouble coming to terms with what happened and wanted to meet me. I had nothing to lose so I went. I was met with a broken woman. She’d got back together with him, moved into his house (she lived in Greece and was moving to the UK for uni, but decided to come early because of him), and he made her life miserable.

He didn’t give her a set of keys, had to leave and come back to the house when he did, had to hang out with his friends whilst having none of her own. He logged into her Facebook account to she what she was doing, when he saw she’d messaged me he blocked me from her account so I couldn’t reply. He introduced her to girls he openly said he slept with. He’d told her than him and I we’re only having sex, didn’t mention the dating (he even came to see a uni show I was in). Apparently she’d even offered for them to be in an open relationship until she got to the UK and he said no. Anyway, I told her to leave the arsehole and wished her all the best for the future.

The next day she messages me saying he’s kicked her out and she has nowhere to go. I offer her advice on women’s shelters (I toyed with letting her sleep at my house but I barely knew her) before she eventually managed to convince her parents to send her money. That guy was a cunt.


He came to pick me up in a white van with aluminium foil windows. He told me he occasionally slept in there.


At the end of the date he said he “had a semi” while we were literally just walking in the park.


I left an awful date only to get a call 15 minutes later to ask why it was bad, I told him I wasn’t comfortable driving and talking on the phone so then he pretended to be in a horrific car accident and pretend to be a cop texting me from his phone.

He chatted me on the app a couple weeks later trying to go on another date.



When I took my clothes off he called me a “lump of lard” and walked out the door.


At the end of the date the guy told me he rates girls 1-10 based on looks, personality, and chemistry. He gave me an 8 to my face and I never spoke to him again. Fuck that.


He took me out for dinner and while we were eating he asked if he could touch my cheeks.


I’m studying to be a nurse and I met a guy who pretended to be in to me but literally just wanted a free check up – and not even in a sexual way


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