Idiot meninist says ‘women should control their bladders’ instead of getting tax free tampons


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Idiot meninist says ‘women should control their bladders’ instead of getting tax free tampons

Someone give him a biology lesson

In the past year there have been a number of campaigns opposing the tax on tampons, but the latest voice to be added to the national debate isn’t one anyone wanted to hear. 19-year-old self-proclaimed ‘meninist’ Ryan Williams is unlikely to persuade anyone with his argument that instead of getting free tampons women should just hold in their pee instead.


Williams, who has a long term girlfriend, clearly needs someone to sit him down and explain female anatomy to him. He believes that tampons should be taxed because it is “all about self control.” According to him, women should just learn to “control their bladders” and that if women “are going to bleed then they should wait until they get to the toilet.”

He also called women who want to end tampon tax “cheapskates.”

“I don’t urinate everywhere and expect free nappies” he added. He said, “I don’t think condoms should be free either. Close your legs and hold your bladder end of discussion.”That’s not quite the same though, is it Ryan?

It doesn’t seem to be the end of the discussion though as, somewhat unsurprisingly, Williams has received a torrent of abuse since the original Twitter post. He seems to be enjoying it though. He’s since changed his Facebook profile picture to him holding a pack of Tampax and has been sharing posts making fun of him.

The teenager even set up a Go Fund Me page titled “Fund My Biology Lessons.” All of this suggests that perhaps his Twitter rant was for attention more than anything else. Anyone who calls themselves a “meninist” must enjoy being hated to some extent.

People have compared Williams to Donald Trump, to which he has responded that they will find that he resembles “Zac Efron, but not Donald Trump.” What a #lad. And he’s yet to be put off – in fact he claims to have received numerous messages from men who agree with his views on sanitary products.

Obviously women haven’t agreed with him because they all know that you can’t hold in your period until you get to the toilet and that it doesn’t come from your bladder.