The meninist tampon tax guy has been dumped by his girlfriend


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The meninist tampon tax guy has been dumped by his girlfriend

Gutted mate

In the latest twist in the stupidest story in the world, the “meninist” who sparked fury with an anti-tampon tirade telling women to “control their bladders” claims he has been dumped by his mortified girlfriend over the rant.

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Photography student Ryan Williams, 19, slammed an end of the so-called ‘tampon tax’ on Twitter saying “if you can’t control your bladder that’s not the taxpayer’s problem”. But his girlfriend Clare Kennedy, 19, was apparently mortified by his ill-informed views on the female anatomy and put an end to their 15-month relationship.

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Ryan claims it comes despite his overdue decision to take an extra Biology lesson at college in a bid to win her back – and taking photos to show her to prove his attendance. Predictably, she hasn’t. And despite getting death threats he is sticking by his view because “feminists should be taxed if they are going to keep being incontinent”.

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Speaking yesterday, Essex-born Ryan said: “My girlfriend dumped me after her friends had sent her pictures of my tweets.

“She was crying when she saw some of the abuse I was getting. She was upset that I came out as a meninist and her family were upset that she was being associated with me.

“She’s worried people will think she is weird.

“My course leader from my college stopped me in a newsagents and asked me to go in the next day so she could speak to me properly. I went hoping I could win Clare back by trying to get some of the hate to stop.

“She tried to explain about some anatomy. I pretended she helped a lot, had her take some photos of me and then left as fast as I could.

“It was a complete waste of time.”

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He said his girlfriend Clare initially stuck by him when his tweets against the planned eradication of tampon tax went viral. Thousands of people shared or liked his comments telling menstruating women to “hold it in until you get to a toilet”.

Ryan, who some have claimed is in fact not as stupid as he appears but instead is the world’s most sophisticated troll (I’m not convinced), claims to have received death threats which have kept him out of college classes, but that he does not regret his rant.

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He added: “My depression has been hard to cope with especially with the online abuse now, though I try to ignore it as I know that what I’m saying is helping promote a good message and educate women and young girls.

“I completely understand that there’s something called a uterus and that it’s not stuck with the bladder but is obviously connected to the muscles which are connected to the bladder and uterus so it all comes out the same hole regardless. I think women should learn to clench their muscles.

“Not only are tampons a luxury item they are also ruining the planet and wildlife.

“They should be taxed and taxed again if feminists are going to keep being incontinent.”