Badass female characters to dress up as this Halloween


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Badass female characters to dress up as this Halloween

Of course Harley Quinn is one of them

Halloween is less than a week away and let’s be honest, you probably don’t have an outfit yet. Instead of going the usual route of throwing on a pair of animal ears over your LBD or venturing into Party City and walking away as a Cookie Monster, get creative and dress as one of these inspiring female characters of 2016.

The women of Ghostbusters

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These characters are as smart, funny and brave as the real-life women behind them, and would make awesome costumes this Halloween. Pair a khaki jacket or top with cargo pants to make the signature suit, and add orange or red duct-tape stripes across the top of the suit, then wrap it around a belt and wear it around your midsection. Print out the signature Ghostbusters logo and tape it on your shoulder, or buy the patch. Get creative with a backpack and some cardboard tubing to make your own spirit-sucking device, and tie it all together with some black or brown boots.

Eleven from Stranger Things

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The telekinetic wunderkind herself. This costume is easily made from things found right in your closet, and especially perfect for blondes or women with short or shaved hair. Don’t fit these criteria? Pull your hair back into a super slick bun or hide it under a fake blonde wig. Add a pink dress, oversized navy jacket, converse and tube socks. Oh, and don’t forget to add a bit of fake blood on one nostril, and carry around a pack of Eggos. You’ll be the hit of any costume party, and come pre-loaded with tomorrow’s hangover breakfast.

Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Rey is arguably one of the most important female characters of 2016, because she totally flips the script on women’s roles in action movies. We first see Rey saving Finn’s ass by flying him on the Millennium Falcon, all the while wondering why he keeps trying to hold her hand. She’s independent, strong and a total hero.

For an easy Rey costume, pair a light grey or tan shirt with slouchy capris of the same color. Cut up an old sheet for extra fabric to drape across your torso, and cinch it with a belt. Add boots and Rey’s signature mini-bun hairstyle, and you’re good to go.

Abby and Ilana from Broad City

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Go all out with your bestie or just on your own as Abby and/or IlanaThey are unapologetically funny, smart, cool and the ultimate best friends. For an easy Ilana look, put hair into two buns and tease. Pair with anything cropped, especially a red hoodie and high-waisted shorts. Add converse and a whole bunch of funky accessories. For Abby, pair workout pants with tennis shoes and her signature Soulstice work tee, or go casual with a khaki jacket and jeans. Leave your hair down and talk a lot about art and how terrible your roommate is.

Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

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The psychiatrist-turned-psycho is one of this year’s hottest Halloween costumes, probably because the Suicide Squad antihero is smart, sexy and totally cool. To have a happy Harloween (sorry), pull your hair up into pigtails and spray each with temporary red or blue hair dye. Don Harley’s signature ‘lil monster’ tee and pair with a blue and red jacket, shorts and fishnets, then add makeup to complete the transformation.

Daenerys from Game of Thrones

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Who wouldn’t want to be the #breakerofchains? Daenerys is a smart, strong, independent woman who doesn’t need a king. She brilliantly conquers a bunch of kingdoms and laughs in the face of middle earth misogyny, all while looking utterly flawless. She also has pet dragons. Pull blonde hair into one of Dany’s signature half-up looks and pair with a flowy maxi dress and strappy sandals for the night to get her look.

Barb from Stranger Things

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Barbara Holland doesn’t actually play that big of a role in the series, but she’s quickly become the internet’s famous redhead. Maybe that’s because she’s smart, practical and a hell of a good friend. Barb literally sacrifices herself to a supernatural alien creature so that Nancy can get laid. That’s loyalty.

Grab some frames your grandpa would wear, and pair them with a ruffled flannel and some mom jeans. Add some pearls, carry around a few notebooks, and be unsparing with your side-eye.

Nancy from Stranger Things

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No Barb is complete without her BFF, Nancy Wheeler. This contentious good-girl turned popular draws some ire from viewers for dating bad boy bully Steve, but by the end of the series, becomes a total monster-hunting badass. It doesn’t hurt that she’s got a great sense of style.

Pull your hair into a slick ponytail, don a blue sweater over that flannel in the back of your closet and add a shearling jacket for a costume that’s as awesome as it is warm. Bonus points if you carry around a wooden baseball bat for the night, because you can’t fight the demogorgon unarmed.

Alex Parrish from Quantico

Alex Parrish kicks ass and takes names as the leading lady of Quantico, uncovering crazy plots, saving lives and single-handedly taking down multiple terrorist organizations. Her character is a glimmer of hope for women in a genre that mostly centers around men, and dressing up as her for Halloween would be crazy easy. Throw on jeans, a white tee and a leather jacket, or go Parrish-in-training with a blue long-sleeved henley and cargo pants. Top it all off with your own FBI badge and boots, pull your hair up into a ponytail and you’re good to go.

Whether you’re heading to a bar, a party, or testing the age-limit on the whole trick-or-treating thing, there’s nothing more fun than dressing up for Halloween, especially when it’s as someone you look up to.

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