Gifts for girls who dgaf


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Gifts for girls who dgaf

Look no further it’s all here

Traditionally women are hard to buy for eh? Bloody women, always being so difficult. Love to shop. So fussy. Instead of complaining about materialistic women in your life, skip all that and check out this gift guide instead. It’s all you’ll ever need for birthdays and any special occasions with the feminists in your life.

Patriarchy smashing patches

Pins so they can wear their great opinions on their sleeves. Or collars. Or bags

From Banging Art on Etsy

A book subscription to keep them educated and woke af

Book and a Brew delivers a surprise title and a cup of tea to you once a month for just £13. Lovely.

A notebook for all their feminist thoughts

The School of Life has a series of ‘feminist notebooks’. “Each notebook carries an introduction to a great Feminist thinker on the inside front page, their name beautifully printed on the cover – and is otherwise empty for your own projects.”

This Maya Angelou one is available on Etsy.

A leather jacket so everyone knows they’re in a real life Girl Gang

Metallic green #GIRLGANG leather biker jacket available online now at ? #handmadeinlondon

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Still time to use your discount code GALENTINES20 At check out for 20% off ! ?

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Feminist slogan tees that can be worn with or without bras


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Sparkly bath bombs – so they can relax after killing it every day

Saturday night plans sorted: Monsters' Ball Bath Bomb. #lushoween #bathart

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Friday #bareyoursoles goals, from @lushtoronto Beautiful combo featuring Frozen Bath Bomb and Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar.

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And an sleep mask so she can rest up properly for the next day of doing it all again

This is @mybuddybronson giving zero fucks #KISSKILL #eyemask #bronsonisbusy #fuckoff

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A wine glass which lets her get drunk while being the nasty woman that she truly is

You’re going to have to get on the waiting list, though.

Some feminist wall art so they can make a woman’s rightful place – the home, duh – at least a pretty one


Get it here From RadHeartsPrintLab on Etsy

Accessories which celebrate the beverage everyone loves most

Via Etsy Via Etsy

A mug for when they want to relax with some tea after a hard day of being amazing

Stationery which pretty much sums them up tbh

Via Etsy

A phone case with its own backlight, so that all their selfies are equally banging

A necklace which describes her perfectly

#BABE #necklaces have arrived in #Guelph @outpost_vintage !! JUST LOOK AT THIS SMILING MEGABABE! #babesingoldeen

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A loud and proud tote bag

From YellowSunflowerInt on Etsy

And a nice place to store the tampons they pay so much for

From Bangin Art on Etsy Via Etsy