Men love the idea of smart women but in real life they’re too scared to talk to them


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Men love the idea of smart women but in real life they’re too scared to talk to them

Thank you once again men of the world for your straightforward attitudes

Back in the day of Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging, Georgia is affronted when her friends tell her “boys don’t like girls for funniness!” Surely not, surely men actually like smart, funny women, you’re thinking when you’re 13 and impressionable. Well yes, apparently they do. Research says that men adore smart women in theory, at least until they have to talk to them.

Researchers at the University of Buffalo, California Lutheran University and UTS published a study which confirms a long held suspicion among any women worried they’ve put a guy off by not being a fucking idiot. The research studied 105 men in two different scenarios.

In the first “a woman either outperformed or underperformed them in a math or English course”. The men were instructed to imagine this woman as a romantic partner, and most of them gave the woman who did better than them a higher ranking.

Run! A woman who is clever!

Sounds encouraging right? In the second scenario though, men were given an intelligence test and then told they were going to meet a woman who had done better than them on the same test. Faced with the prospect of actually meeting a smart woman the men “distanced themselves from her, tended to rate her as less attractive, and showed less desire to exchange contact information or plan a date with her”.

The researchers concluded that while men like the idea of going out with intelligent women, in real life they’re threatened and avoid actually talk to them.

Imaginary clever women: rejoice! For the rest of is, this is a bit of a depressing conclusion. But eventually Georgia decided to be herself and embrace her smart and funniness, so I guess we can say fuck it and do the same.