I dressed like Nancy Wheeler from Stranger Things for a week


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I dressed like Nancy Wheeler from Stranger Things for a week

It’s time for the 90s revival to take a seat and let the 80s make a comeback

Nancy Wheeler won the hearts of many in the new hit Netflix Original, Stranger Things. Throughout the series, Nancy evolves from a quiet and reserved girl in love with the most popular boy in school (basically straight out of a John Hughes movie) to a kickass character ready to smash the Demogorgon’s faceless head in with a baseball bat.

Nancy Wheeler from Stranger Things

As a lover of all things science fiction, I instantly fell in love with the series. Everything about this show was incredible, from the acting to the production.

So, what better way to tribute my girl Nancy than dressing like her for an entire week?

Day 1

For my first day, I decided to play it safe with a denim skirt and a mustard sweater. I paired this lovely ensemble with gray oxfords and long socks haphazardly bunched down at the ankles. Of course, I wore a dainty gold necklace and clipped my bangs back. I felt confident and cute in this outfit and Nancy is seen wearing a similar outfit in the last episode of the season.

I got a lot of compliments on my skirt and I was excited about the rest of week.

Day 2

For the next day, I wore a light pink button up, high waisted jeans and pink “Keds.” This outfit was really comfortable and I was sure that this week was going to be a breeze. Nancy incorporates girly basics with cute skirts and pants, and luckily I already dress similarly to her on a daily basis. Nancy can be seen wearing a similar outfit when she is telling Steve to be honest with the cops… and of course, Steve was being difficult af.

Day 3

For day 3, I wanted to incorporate those awesome trousers you see Nancy wearing early on in the show at school. So, I paired my navy khakis with a shirt in a similar style to the shirt Nancy wore with her trousers. I paired the outfit with pink sneakers and more clipped back bangs.

Day 4

Day 4 marked the beginning of my weekend. I have to admit, I kept some of the more intense outfits for later on in the week. For one thing, I could not imagine wearing this outfit in the heat all day. I have a knit pencil skirt on, a blue button up shirt and pastel pink cardigan. This outfit closely resembles the outfit we see Nancy wearing to school when she sneaks in a quick makeout sesh with Steve. I felt the most Nancy like in this outfit and I also looked the most like an 80s librarian in this outfit.

Day 5

I call this my “let’s go shoot some cans in the woods” outfit. This ensemble is a reference to the episode where Nancy and Jonathan are shooting guns in the woods and getting ready for their monster hunting. A plaid shirt underneath a sweater paired with some jeans and boots finish off this look. I was beginning to feature the darker, more badass outfits Nancy wore towards the end of the season.

Day 6

At the end of the season, we see Jonathan and Nancy working together to lure the Demogorgon to kick some monster ass. So with some intense monster hunting comes great fashion responsibility. Nancy wears darker shades of clothing and is equipped with a wooden baseball bat. That’s why I chose to wear another plaid-sweater ensemble with blue jeans. This outfit has the addition of a cool winter jacket that I felt looked similar to the one Nancy wore. (Don’t worry, I did not wear this outfit all together in the summer weather.)

Day 7

For my final day as Nancy, I wore a suede skirt, polka dot nude tights, a striped short sleeved sweater and black ballet flats. I was sad to be finished with my alter ego, Nancy. It was a little weird wearing tights and a suede skirt to class, but I needed to be a boss like Nancy and flaunt it.

Even though I won’t be consciously dressing like Nancy anymore, she will always be a part of me. I have learned that you can be tough and still rock polka dots and pastel cardigans.

Nancy and Jonathan FOREVER!