There’s now a contraceptive injection for men


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There’s now a contraceptive injection for men

But they don’t want to take it because of the side-effects

Just days after the news that a male contraceptive pill could come as soon as 2021, scientists have developed a contraceptive jab for men.

The hormone-based injection works in the pituitary gland to block sperm production and is almost 96 per cent effective. However men are reluctant to take it because of side effects similar to the female contraceptive pill, including depression, acne and decreased libido.

A year long study conducted in Switzerland, led by Dr Mario Festin, trialled 350 men on the injections, which contain a long-acting form of progestogen, which reduces sperm count to one million per millilitre (the normal amount is between 40 and 300 million) within 24 weeks.

Testosterone was also included in the injections to counteract reduced male hormones in the body after the treatment.

Although 75 per cent of men said they would continue to use the injections, bad side effects affected 20 men so much that they dropped out of the trial altogether.

Side effects which women have reported on the pill for years, by the way. But no biggie.