These girls wore real texts from guys and went as fuckboys for Halloween


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These girls wore real texts from guys and went as fuckboys for Halloween

Snapbacks included

Wearing actual texts guys have sent them, these two girls dressed up as every single one of our inboxes for the ultimate fuckboy Halloween costume.

Jessica Zharnest and Lexi Fragola were going through messages from guys and couldn’t get over how genuinely shitty some of them can be. Instead of just taking the usual screenshot to post down the “Girls only” group chat, they took rinsing them to the next level.

So they rounded up the worst texts from guys in their lives and dressed up as fuckboys.

From the classic “Send me nudes,” the questionable “I’ve never had to work hard to get a girl,” and the burning questions like “Why haven’t we fucked?” these University of Connecticut juniors brought every girl’s inbox to life and we thank them for it.

“People didn’t really believe these were real messages and when we told them they were in shock,” said Jessica.

Covered in over 30 texts the girls were the conversation starter of the night that had everyone stopping to fully appreciate how much guys suck.

“The response was amazing. Girls were hugging us and even boys were high-fiving us,” said Jessica.

But, unsurprisingly, their costume wasn’t so popular with the actual fuckboys.

“We could tell who the fuckboys were because some guys thought the costume was so hilarious and perfect and there were some that were like ‘oh…’ and walked away,” said Lexi.

It gets better. On the back of their shirts they included athletes’ jersey numbers next to their respective texts. This was done to “warn other ladies that athletes are great and all, but watch out.”

The costume was meant to expose guys in their lives for the fuckboys they are and reading through the texts is basically like scrolling through our own messages.

They’re too good to read just once, so here they are again:

• “Just hope you know we’re fucking today.”
• “Do you think men and women are equal… ‘no have you seen my biceps.'”
• “It’s going to be an easy transition into the bedroom.”
• “We’re gonna fuck cause everyone else sucks.”
• “I’ve never had to work hard to get a girl.”
• “If you get a massage tonight, I get pussy.”
• “Tired as hell come massage me.”
• “Visit ya boy.”
• “Do you have a bed time?”
• “Real shit day. Sorry. Long Story. Sorry if I can’t maintain an investment at this time.”
• “Send nudes.”
• “Come chill.”
• “I am bad. I am a bad man.”
• “I never said you were a slut chillax.”
• “Hope you find someone better than me. I laugh cause there’s no way that’s possible. Goodbye. Your life was meaningless to me.”
• “I’ve been single for seven months so why haven’t we fucked?”
• “Hey can I have my shirt back?”
• “You’re weighing me down.”
• “I just fuck you when I’m bored”
• “I’m just trying to get with you.”
• “Would be better with you sitting on my face.”

Never underestimate the power of a girl who is done with that shit.