‘I had a really lovely time’, and other lies girls tell on dates


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‘I had a really lovely time’, and other lies girls tell on dates


The world of dating is a funny old place. A minefield really of hidden meanings and double-entendres and always, always the lowkey crippling fear that you’ll get ghosted in the end anyway. But it’s supposed to be pleasant, in theory.

So in an attempt to make it more pleasant, we asked girls to tell us their most common coded date language, and what it actually means. Hopefully this will make things a little easier on everyone. Either that or the knowledge will make you more paranoid and panic so you’ll have an even worse time.


“Let’s go to this bar near mine” – I want you to stay at mine.

“Let’s hang out again soon” – I’d probably rather not hang out with you again and I’m going to ignore all advances to make future plans.

“Yeah, I’ll let you know about next time!” – I am blocking your number and never speaking to you again.

“I don’t mind, its up to you” – I want to do this but I also want to look laid-back. Pick the right choice.

“I’d like to see you again” – can we fuck next time?

“I’m happy to do whatever” – Think of something cute and stop being annoying.

“Wanna come back to my place?” – Give me dick.

“You can come round if you want” – Obviously come round immediately.

“I’m looking for something serious too” – I’m not at all but you’re making this heavy and awkward.

“I think I have a thing that day but I’ll definitely try!” – I am not going to see you ever again.

“Yeah definitely sounds fun! I’ll bring some friends” – I don’t want to hurt your feelings so I’m coming as a friend and we are one hundred per cent not going to fuck.

“Let me get this round” – I’m so deep into my overdraft that these next two drinks will most likely ruin my credit rating and stop me from buying a house, but I don’t wanna make it look like I’m not willing to pay my way.

“How big are your hands compared to mine?” – Let’s see what we’re dealing with here.

“I don’t want anything serious right now, but we can still talk and see where that goes” – Thanks for the sex, goodbye forever old friend.

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