A guide on sliding into a girl’s DMs when she doesn’t match you on Tinder


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A guide on sliding into a girl’s DMs when she doesn’t match you on Tinder

There is still hope

When is it appropriate to slide into someone’s DMS?

It’s no secret most of the time girls swipe left on Tinder. We’re selective with our right swipes and actually won’t be opposed to talking to someone if we match and they slide into our dms.

Before we do make our decision to swipe right, we will analyze a guy’s profile to its very core. From pictures to the very off-putting use of emojis. So, when Tinder introduced the option of linking of an Instagram account to a profile, it seemed like a step forward.

Until it didn’t.

The whole point of Tinder is you can only message each other if you both like each other. If you don’t match, this doesn’t mean slide into their DMs on another form of social media. You weren’t accidentally swiped left.

It doesn’t come across as chill


The best part about this one is the “ha.” Just a reminder that he is really chill, really laid back and definitely not at all invested in the outcome of this conversation. He probably won’t even talk to his mom about it.

In fact, he is so lax, that he didn’t even bother to capitalize the “h.” Take note boys, you don’t want to seem too needy the first time around. If you find a girl you like on Tinder, and you feel like she might not match you, find her Instagram information before swiping, memorize that, return to it in a few days once you realized she has swiped left, and then DM her to tell her she is “alright.”

If your profile photos didn’t do it for her, this definitely will.

Promise me you will never ‘super like’ another human again


If you super like someone, you can be sure they have seen you. They literally got a notification to their phone saying that someone super liked them – which probably triggered them, leading to a mix of anxiety and dread, because never has anyone ever thought “wow this person super liked me, that’s really cool.”

If us swiping left on a super like isn’t a rejection, I don’t know what is.

I already know what you look like, and I wasn’t about it the first time


The Holy Trinity: Forward, honest and single? I can’t believe I wasn’t able to see your true colors before.

Not only am I 12 years younger than you, but you are sliding into the DMs of someone 12 years younger than you.

You did not ‘have’ to message


You did not “have” to say anything at all. In fact, you really shouldn’t have. If I was uninterested before, you’re definitely not helping your case.

And just for the record, you look NOTHING like Jon snow.

Do not DM us, and definitely do not DM us five times


How are you trying to follow up “Are you open minded at looking the other ways of increasing your monthly income?” with  “Hows things?”

At least spell check if you are going to waste our time


I mean come on. Not only did I not want to unlock my phone just to read this, I definitely did not want to spend 10 minutes translating Anna Karenina over here.

PSA to all guys: I meant to swipe left on you. Please respect me and my inbox, and kindly refrain from professing your clearly undesired interest.