Meet the girl who gets paid to sext


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Meet the girl who gets paid to sext

‘Everyone on campus is sexting…the only difference is I make money doing it’

College kids are notorious for doing anything to make some cash, but Sarah, a 19-year-old McGill student, might have one of the most interesting jobs on campus.

As a professional sexter, Sarah says she makes thousands of dollars swapping naughty pics and messages on Arousr, a sexting app. We talked to Sarah about the ins-and-outs of her unusual career.

How did you get into professional sexting?

A friend who also does it told me about it. Actually, it was a lot easier than I thought. I pictured having to jump on a camera naked and all kinds of other freaky things but it wasn’t like that at all.

I filled out an application on their website and sent a few photos along. A few weeks later, my boss, Linda, contacted me by phone. She asked me a few questions and told me to send proof of my age. To be honest, this made me feel more at ease. At least I knew they cared enough to make certain I was an adult. They provided me with some quick training and a special phone number.


What is a typical shift like for you?  

You can log onto the system wherever and whenever you want. I can make money while I am on the bus or at a football game. When I have time and feel like making money, I open my phone. It never takes more than two minutes before my phone begins to buzz. There are a lot of lonely people — it’s sad. There is a misconception that every conversation I have is about sex. To be honest, I talk about a lot of things. Sometimes my clients are sad or lonely and just need to talk.

Do guys ever ask for nude pictures?

Yes, it’s part of the job. There are ways to be sexy without showing everything. In fact, some people prefer that. Texting uses a great deal of the imagination so it stands to reason that teasing is the best way to do that.

Do you consider yourself a sex worker?

No, I’m a good storyteller. I talk and text sexy words, nothing more. You are only required to provide services that make you feel comfortable. If a client is asking you for something you are not willing to offer, you simply say no and/or pass them on to someone else who is willing to do it. For example, there are some video hosts — I am not willing to do that.

Aren’t there other vanilla things you can do to make money?

On a good week, I can make upwards of a thousand dollars. The decision to take this job was not an easy one, though. There were many things I had to consider. As a political science major, I fear that someday my past may come back to haunt me.

What does it take to be good at this job?

Sexting involves a great deal of imagination, role playing, and empathy. Being open minded is really important. A great deal of the things people share with me is their sexual fantasies, issues, and desires. I have the power to literally crush them with my words. Having this power kind of power over someone is scary. Some hosts love it and can be part of their gig.

In fact, there is a fetish known as “pay pig,” whereby the client actually pays for the host to control them financially. There is not always sex involved but rather financial control of the individual by the threat of disclosure. Of course, that will never really happen because it’s all confidential but it’s the fantasy that’s exciting to them. Most of these clients are wealthy and need to let go of their own controlling personality.


What is the question that you get asked most often by a client?

There are two things most clients want to know: Do I fake it and do I text with girls?

While I cannot speak for others, all I can say is I try not to fake it. But let’s be real, it’s not that easy to orgasm. Women fake it in real life, so what’s the difference?  I am human and not everything turns me on. I’m bi-sexual, so I definitely text with girls too.

Why do you think sexting is so popular?

It’s easier for shy people to connect. For many people, talking to a stranger is intimidating. Initiating a conversation via texting is much easier for them. Revealing secret fantasies and weird fetishes is also something that clients seem to enjoy. Customers are an endless source of interesting and unusual stories.

What is the weirdest thing a client has ever asked you to do?  Did you do it?

I don’t like to shame anyone but people are obsessed with the size of their body parts. Many conversations begin and end with measurements, oddly enough. It is a bit confusing since we are chatting via SMS message.

That being said, the weirdest roleplay scenario that I have ever engaged in was being asked to dress up in a black outfit with green balloons and pop them with a needle. The fetish involved grapes. I would say it was a combination of a food and popping fetish. Weird, but fun.


Does your family know and how do they feel about it?

My family members who know are curious and think its a riot. My boyfriend benefits in a different way. I am more open to his needs. I tell him, honey there is nothing you can tell me that I haven’t already heard. I’ m 19, the oldest of three sisters. My parents are religious. Catholic, but liberal. Life was normal and I am still active in the church community. I don’t see what one has to do with the other.

Do you consider yourself a feminist?

I have battled with the pros and cons of my decision and how it might conflict with my feminist views. I have come to realize that part of feminism means that women should have the right to choose what they need to do for themselves without being labeled. If I was ashamed of what I did, I wouldn’t do it. It’s fun and I get to explore my own needs while getting paid. For me, it’s a win.

Everyone on campus is sexting. Let’s be real. Everyone sends the occasional sexy shot and gotten a dick pic or two. The only difference is that I make money doing it. Is it really so bad?

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