How to avoid the dreaded cuffing season


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How to avoid the dreaded cuffing season

You don’t need a boyfriend for winter (or ever)

Cuffing season has officially begun. Halloween is over, the days are shorter and the temperature has dropped. No doubt people have already started their hunt for that special someone to help them survive through the winter months. It wont be long until we’ll see couples holding hands and going on cute dates, whilst the rest of us hibernate in the warmth of our duvets, right?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term cuffing season, Urban Dictionary defines it as “the desire to be ‘cuffed’ or tied down by a serious relationship, the cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed.” Yes, this genuinely is a thing.

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If you haven’t noticed by the endless “will now be accepting boyfriend applications for winter” tweets, the start of the festive season seems to make some people more needy than usual. It’s supposedly too cold to continue life as normal so the need to find that other half to snuggle and watch shitty rom coms with is widespread.

Let’s be honest, if we look at the word ‘cuff’, it doesn’t exactly give positive connotations. Essentially we’re saying that we want to trap someone just for winter: how romantic. The urge to spend long dark nights with someone else, if only just so you don’t have to turn your heating on, is  a tempting one, but there are ways of avoiding it, or at least pretending not to think about it.

Hide inside with Netflix

Avoiding cuffing season is easy and it all starts with getting hooked on a new Netflix series. You could do this with your flatmates or enlist your hopefully still single best friend even though one of you will 100 per cent secretly binge watch it without the other. From Stranger Things and Gilmore Girls, to Suits and Narcos, there are plenty to develop an obsession for. Sometimes after a long day you just need your own downtime and what is better than crawling into bed with snacks knowing you’ve got episode five of season three to watch.


Cuff yourself to friends

When you’re not wrapped up like a burrito in your duvet, find the motivation to fight against the cold weather and stay social. Who decided that festive fun is only for couples? For some reason there is this idea that December is for dating. Winter is the perfect season to make time for the meaningful people in your life like family and friends. Go to the family reunions and plan fun trips out, just generally spending time together is a great way to make the most of the cheery festive vibes.

You don’t want to be part of the pair that skate around the ice rink holding hands, you want to be in the group of friends that are laughing at that one who constantly keeps falling over. Christmas markets, Love Actually and coffee dates are undoubtedly just as fun when you’re with the girls.


Make cuffing season your own ‘events season’ instead

Let’s not forget that holiday season is always filled with parties, with plenty of opportunities to get that little bit too drunk with your friends. You’re guaranteed to always have a good time and not get judged when you probably embarrass yourself, because obviously everyone else is smashed too.

Fill your social calendar to bursting and venture out into the world even when it’s chilly and miserable. That way you’ll only end up going on Facebook to approve to your timeline the tagged photos of you having the time of your life at parties, and not, you know, crying over the tagged photos of the recently cuffed on Facebook.


Don’t fall into the social pressure of the cuffing season trap. You don’t need to listen to the seasonal pestering and questions from the auntie that you haven’t spoken to for nearly a year.

I’m not suggesting that you should avoid all romantic interests, just make sure it’s for the right reasons. Settling for convenience rather than genuinely liking someone for who they are isn’t healthy for anyone involved.

Ditch the idea of a seasonal partner; you have the rest of your life to find your other half.

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