Durham student dressed as the tampon tweet boy for Halloween


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Durham student dressed as the tampon tweet boy for Halloween

Girls should hold their bladders instead duh

Sophi O’Connor, a final year French student dressed up as 19-year-old self-proclaimed ‘meninist’ and tampon idiot Ryan William’s infamous tweet for Halloween.

Two weeks ago, Ryan left the world speechless when he tweeted that women should not receive free tampons and just “hold their bladder instead.”

“A friend of mine retweeted it, and I nearly weed myself laughing. But all those years of having a period helped me hold it in though, thank god.” Sophi assured The Tab.

“He seems genuinely committed to the idea that women are capable of it, he’s not letting go.”

Unfortunately Sophi lost the t-shirt in the club and has taken to Facebook in a desperate plea to get it back, she told The Tab: “It was really hot in the club, and there was this girl in a fluffy jumper who asked if she could wear the t-shirt while I was just in a tank top.

“I was a bit drunk so I just said SURE and kept an eye on her for most of the night, but then I lost sight of her.”


“Now my shirt’s out there in Durham somewhere which is was a slightly tragic end to a great night. I also wore a box of tampons on my head and found out that if you leave part of the applicator on you can basically use a tampon as a dart gun. It was a good party trick.

“I haven’t actually had a period since October 2015 so I had to go out and get tampons specially for the costume and it was a weird experience, they are really expensive. My favourite part of the whole thing is definitely how the guy tweeted about his girlfriend’s periods and then she dumped him.”

Sophi would like to continue wearing her t-shirt beyond Halloween so please return it if you have it.