I went commando for a week and it changed my life


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I went commando for a week and it changed my life

What happens when we let our fine china breathe?

Doctors and ladies everywhere swear by it– eliminating panties means eliminating visible panty lines, inevitable wedgies, and, some docs claim, itching and irritation (What’s not to love??).

I had never given much thought to going commando. It was automatically categorized in my mind under “dirty” and “risqué”, so I never really ventured down the path except for occasionally at bedtime. Despite the list of apparent health and comfort benefits of letting your flower breathe, I have to be completely honest in admitting desperate times called for desperate measures and now here I am, one full week later: I still haven’t done my laundry and now I’m writing about my lady parts on the internet.

This is what I learned from skipping the britches for a full, non-stop 7 days:

Leggings are soft, jeans are not

Living the fleece-lined life is living the high life. Jeans have some really serious seams in some really unfortunate places.

Chafing hurts even more when it’s your personal bits

Whether it be from those pesky denim seams or from the lack of restraint, I definitely noticed an increase in…. friction. I don’t really have any tips for how to deal with this one other than just stick with the tried and true leggings– they reduce friction and maximize comfort.

Dresses blow up unexpectedly

We already knew this, but we never cared oh-so-much.

Probably your face when you flash all of University Ave because you didn’t plan for wind… Whoops!

Wind is cold

Breezes that reach where the sun don’t shine are…. refreshing, dare I say? Uncomfortable may be a more fitting word, and startling seems to come to mind.

I sleep… unabashedly

This is my public apology to my roommate for the last week of my unconscious, unrestricted morning sleeping positions.

Does something smell fishy

Actually, no. I was pleasantly surprised at the complete void of any smell previously deemed “normal.” Major plus!

Underwear lines are really obnoxious

Wearing leggings or dresses without having to worry about any VPL (visible panty lines) was the most underrated blessing of the entire week. One less thing to worry about and one less layer of fabric between this glorious booty and the deserving outside world.

I’ve gotta cheeky secret

Throughout normal (wind-free) activities it was easy to forget I was sans butt-huggers. But when I did remember, it was hard to hide the smirk that inevitably crossed my face because “I know something you don’t know.”


I will never willingly put on undies again

This may be a slight exaggeration, but if I had known sooner how wonderful going commando was, I would have burned all of my panties years ago.

Lace is itchy, lines are tacky, and leggings are comfy. So case closed, here’s to a petition for no more impeding briefs, boy shorts, and bikinis.