I’m getting an IUD this month and you absolutely should too


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I’m getting an IUD this month and you absolutely should too

We need a birth control that will outlast Trump

Last night, women mourned Donald Trump eeking out a victory over Hillary Clinton. This morning, we woke up terrified.

He has yet to actually enter the Oval Office and we are already forced to grapple with and strategize around the very real possibility that we will lose our right to a safe and legal abortion, and birth control will be inaccessible for millions of women.

That’s why I’m getting an IUD this month — you should too.

One of Trump’s most deeply espoused platforms was the complete abolition of abortion and a repeal of Obama’s Affordable Care Act which makes birth control pills free. There’s no guarantee that we will have any or even some of the reproductive freedoms we’re enjoying now, so we have to protect ourselves while there’s still time.

An intrauterine device lasts for at least five years — read: through the hopefully single-term Trump administration — and will save you from (best case) a struggle to get birth control or (worst case) a unplanned pregnancy that you’d possibly have to carry to term.

Protect yourself and flex your rights while you still can. You are the only one allowed to decide what’s right for you, no matter what happens.