Who actually is Melania Trump?


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Who actually is Melania Trump?

Our new FLOTUS looks ‘hot in a very small thong’ and she really dgaf

There was always more than one woman in the race to the White House, and the one who will be sharing the first prize of residency is Melania Trump, the newly designated First Lady of the United States.

This is something we have to get on board with, regardless of our opinions of her husband. In the 21st century, despite some backward views that the new president has proposed, women are no longer defined by who they’re married to.

But how much do we actually know about Mrs Trump? We kind of overlooked her — isn’t she Russian or something? Remember when she copied Michelle Obama’s speech word for word? But what else? This woman has now followed in Michelle Obama’s footsteps, right into the role of First Lady — someone who is expected to support social causes and represent the president.

Here are the Melania Trump need-to-knows:

She is 46 years old and was born in Yugoslavia, making her the second First Lady after Louisa Adams to be born outside of the United States.

She married Trump in 2005 and is mother to their son Barron.

She speaks five languages: Slovenian, Serbian, English, French and German. That’s more than any previous FLOTUS.

Thankfully, she says she doesn’t agree with everything her husband says. She told CNN, “I am my own person, and I tell him what I think. And I think that’s very important.” Couldn’t agree more, Mel.

Her first campaign is against cyber bullying. “Social media is very damaging for the children,” she says. “We need to guide them and teach them about social media because I see a lot of negativity on it and we need to help them.” Perhaps she can begin this campaign at home, with her husband’s notoriously troll-y Twitter account.

She is probably the first first lady to have nudes on public display, from a GQ shoot she did back in 2000. She was a model — a supermodel, in fact — and she really dgaf. Her husband once said that she looked “hot” in a “very small thong” and we have to agree.

Let’s be honest, Melania Trump is under a lot of pressure. Half of the nation (and probably the rest of the world) openly resents her husband and they also loved Michelle Obama, who has been urged to run for president come 2020 (a sentiment we’d be on board with).

Melania has big boots to fill, and she can’t plagiarize every speech. Luckily for her, babes are never ones to put other babes down, especially just because we don’t like their husbands.