Meet the Glasgow curve model changing what you know about beauty standards


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Meet the Glasgow curve model changing what you know about beauty standards

A body revolution

Forget what you know about beauty standards.

Morgan Ruth McTierman is single-handedly helping to change the face of fashion, and she’s the brains behind new project I am Curve.

The project aims to highlight the absence of curve models in Scotland and teach current and future generations to accept different varieties of beauty – not the unattainable standards the media spoon-feeds us.

A graduate from Glasgow uni, Morgan was signed as a curve model yet still focused on being a smaller size in the belief that would make her more successful in the industry. There were no other models in Scotland her size, and for a long time she had an unhealthy relationship with her body, regularly restricting herself in order to be a certain weight.


Morgan said: ‘There are curve models out there, some signed, however little you see them. The work is non-existent and I have not yet seen a campaign in Scotland featuring curve models. I have had photographers decline to work with me due to my hip size. I have attended castings and been asked to try the sample clothes that are only ever a size eight.”

Morgan was once put forward for lingerie casting for a popular retailer, but when she arrived her lingerie size was not there, even though the client knew her measurements.

She said: “It was embarrassing and the designer had to go back to her studio and pick up larger sizes.”

The model began to develop her portfolio and reached out to bigger agencies in Scotland, but soon discovered that models beyond a certain measurement are not accepted in the industry.


Morgan said: “I started to think that if I didn’t model, would I have such an unhealthy view of my body? The answer is no. It doesn’t matter that I am model – we are surrounded by fabricated, unachievable images lacking in diversity, on a daily basis.”

Also a writer, Morgan wants to help change this attitude, to help the generation of today and tomorrow to appreciate different varieties of beauty.

Morgan has been interviewed by STV Glasgow, BBC Radio Scotland and other media outlets to spread awareness of I am Curve.

As part of I am Curve, Morgan plans to launch a lingerie editorial that will start a body revolution.

Follow Morgan’s body-positive Instagram: @morganruthmctiernan

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