Every reason bralettes are better than bras


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Every reason bralettes are better than bras

Fuck oppressive underwire

About a year and a half ago, I realized that the beautiful gasp of air following the unclasping of my 34C bra was simply too beautiful to experience only once a day, and I was hooked on finding a remedy to this inhalation debacle. Naturally, I looked into bra alternatives that were not nipple hiders (what are they called, actually?). Bralettes are, without a doubt, superior to bras in every single way.


Bras literally constrict your chest

Yes, we laugh at funny Tumblr posts that recount the struggles of breathing, and we even see this type of dialogue surrounding bra-wearers in movies, E.G. Elizabeth Swan, but why is it appropriate to laugh at the fact that women-identifying people struggle to breathe?

Call me uncouth, call me hypnotic, but the last time I wore a real clasping bra was three weeks ago. My bralettes were dirty, so I reluctantly donned the Victoria’s Secret Asphyxiator.

My “we can do better” face

Right there, in my Anthropology 150 class, I reached behind myself and unclasped those tiny hooks because I couldn’t tell if I was having anxiety or if I just couldn’t breathe.

Free yo’self

While this is not quite #FreeTheNipple, I will definitely advocate that you switch to bralettes. Why?

I experienced the delightful sensation of full-lunged breaths in the first ten seconds of wearing said bralettes, and it was so god damn splendid that I tucked the experience away so I could later relay it to thousands of people. (Hi.)


Make the switch to save time and money

Well, in my first purchase of six bralettes, I spent about $70. Yeah, it’s $70. But compared to the average “regular” bra price, I practically stole my items.

You don’t have to worry about sizing yourself. Sure, you could argue that I have the wrong size – I don’t, though. You’ll have to trust me on that. I just have extremely high standards for adroit breathing – it must be a singer thing. In any case, if you’re not keen on a stranger touching your chest, a bralette is for you. If you hate waiting 20 minutes to try on a garment for literally 10 seconds, hit up the bralette. Make a visit to your local Target and make the change.

You don’t have to shell out $40 plus for a bralette! Check out Frankie Phoenix or Wet Seal. You’ll find that, not only are bralettes exponentially more beautiful than those tried, grapefruit-shaped cups, but they are also conducive to a student budget.


Bralettes and small-boob privilege? Never fear…

A huge factor to consider in bralettes is in its seeming favoring of less busty women. While it is certainly true that there is more flexibility- both in retail and in accessibility- with smaller chests than in larger ones, we live in this magical entrepreneurial age where even identity-inclusive investment firms exist.

If you are a person with a larger bust, check out Lovesick. These prices are still decent while boasting tasteful design. There are also some experience pieces and reviews of real women who have tried multiple bralettes made for a larger bust, which you can find here.

Comfort, style, and experience

I try to link my feminist philosophies to my daily life, and I think this bit pretty closely captures my passion for tackling domestic issues with a lens to equality. It should not be an issue that bra-wearers have trouble breathing because of the multi-billion beauty industry’s desire to profit from egregiously-priced “intimate wear.”

Why the hell is it even called intimate wear? Why do we need silk, why do we need lace, why do we need to struggle for breath as we drive to work, raise our hands in lecture, and eat lunch?

Breathe comfortably all of the time – you fucking deserve it

For real. You’re not Elizabeth Swan – you can breathe, and you ought to.


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