Literally just a list of sexist headlines from 2016


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Literally just a list of sexist headlines from 2016

Only two more weeks to endure guys

Ah, what a year it’s been. What a year it’s been for women! We got more medals than ever before at the Olympics, we ended up with a surprise woman Prime Minister and, equally surprisingly, no female POTUS. We made huge medical advances towards addressing the gender imbalance in contraception (before men decided they weren’t that keen on it), and we finally discovered when the gender pay gap would disappear! 2152, buzzing gals.

It’s not all bad of course. Women also reclaimed their right to protest, whether it was to protect Planned Parenthood, to oppose Trump or to lead the charge against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Even when Hillary lost, women still made history. On the same night Kamala Harris became the second black woman elected to US Senate,Catherine Cortez Masto became the first Latina senator in US history, Kate Brown became the first openly LGBT governor. But looking at some of the headlines this year, you’d be forgiven for forgetting the good things which happened.

As Kylie warned us 2016 has been the year of realizing things, and unfortunately that means realizing that the media can still be an archaic, sexist institution where headlines like this go through handfuls of old white men who approve them without thinking they’re bad. Here’s to none of these in 2017 (we hope).

The Sun’s victim-blaming coverage of India Chipchase’s murder

The Daily Mail turning a foreign policy story into a piece on Theresa May’s short skirt

The Daily Mail (again), this time reducing Victoria Beckham’s career to her boobs

The Sun’s ‘titsee index’ where it rated Oscar nominated actresses by their breasts

The Daily Mail deciding to rate Olympic athletes on their choice of leotard

The Chicago Tribune deciding that Corey Cogdell-Unrein wasn’t as important as her husband

The Sun reducing an Olympian to her ‘skimpy’ bikini

Basically anything Breitbart published, but here’s one example

The beginning of The Sun’s weird obsession with PM Theresa May’s footwear

The Daily Mail’s decision that Maisie William’s charity work wasn’t as important as her underwear choices

The New York Post’s sexism is showing

Hillary Clinton isn’t wearing make-up here, which is a big deal for the Daily Mail