I’m quite worried about the women in these MUA eyebrow wax pictures


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I’m quite worried about the women in these MUA eyebrow wax pictures

OK bear with me on this

There are certain constants of a Facebook friend list. They include: guy you were friends with at college who now shares stuff about immigrants taking all our jobs, a man who’s profile pic is a Subaru Impreza, your cretinous ex-boyfriend, the cretinous ex-boyfriend’s mother you’re too kind to delete, and a hometown friend who runs her own make-up artist page and posts photos of terrified puffy-skinned women who’ve apparently just had their eyebrows done.

I am worried for the welfare of these women.

Of course, in an ideal world, they’re fine. They’ve definitely consented to them being taken, they knew what they were getting themselves in for, they like what has been done to their precious faces. They want, in the year 2017, to have permanent make-up and that is absolutely fine. But how do we know for sure?

If that is the case then why do they look so frightened? Why do they always look like these horrible hack, wax, dye, thread jobs are being done against their will in a basement beneath a Sally shop by a crazed beautician in a blood-stained tabard? Will the swelling go down, if so when? Are those tears of joy or sadness? Why are their eyes invariably so deadened and hollow in their sweaty faces? How much are they paying for this?

If they are totally complicit then it begs the question: why would you use this to promote your artistry to other terrified women? I don’t want to look like this, pained and red and puffy and tearful albeit with slightly fuller brows. Imagine you went to have some lash inserts, for example. You want to show them off at the club. You do not want pictures of you looking like this to appear on Facebook, you would be livid.It’s possibly the least effective advertising technique in the world, and yet it’s one that every 723 like beautician page in your hometown swears by. Why?

All I’m saying is that I have some questions.