I masturbated everyday for a week


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I masturbated everyday for a week

And it was worth it

Masturbation. It’s something everybody does, but it is still somehow taboo, mainly for women. Guys have no problems talking about their adventures with Jill but once a woman starts talking about pleasuring herself? Madness!

After reading an article about a woman who decided to go on a masturbation frenzy – she did once a day, everyday, for 30 days, an idea sparked. I should do that too, I thought. I have my own reasons, and I’m sure yours will differ in some way or another, but here they are:

I don’t masturbate regularly enough. In fact, it’s the second week of December right now and I don’t think I’ve ventured down there since June. That was six months ago! Most women do it on the weekly! Truly, I must be missing out on something.

I don’t think about pleasure enough, much less about pleasing myself. I’m simply never in the mood to touch myself. I used to masturbate quite a bit years ago, but fell out of it once I started dating seriously and hooking up – something that I thought would take care of my pleasure, but most definitely hasn’t.

I’m not receiving any pleasure from men. To all guys out there that have touched me: I’m sorry. I truly think it’s just me, and not you, so don’t feel bad, but you just aren’t cutting it for me. I can’t orgasm from sex, and I think I’ve orgasmed from oral sex one time in the past two years (real talk). I enjoy being with a man, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t help but feel a tiny bit unsatisfied when they get pleasure nearly 100 percent of the time.

And finally,

My friends, books, and media all recommend it. I have orgasm issues – I’ll admit it! When my friends learned this about me, all they could say was to start masturbating weekly, daily, whenever I could. But for some reason I was so repulsed by it. I used to be so okay with masturbating, but suddenly last spring I found myself disgusted by it. By May, I ended up buying a vibrator and a book called The Elusive Orgasm to help my sexual endeavors. I spent the first half of the summer reading this book, trying to figure out why I couldn’t orgasm anymore like I used to be able to. It gave me plenty of information on what’s going on with me, and the main tip to help my problem was, you guessed it, masturbate. I gathered up the courage to take my vibrator with me into my next shower, and it was a success, to say the least. I masturbated a few times over the summer but lost the motivation soon after.

Welcome to my crib… this is where the magic happens

So now I’m here to try again. Join me, on my seven day journey of the most intimate form of self-care.

Day 1

First step of the day: I made a sex playlist. I had never considered making one of these because who really listens to music during sex? Then I realized it would be extremely beneficial in setting the mood. It only has a couple songs on it right now, including some tracks from ZAYN, The Weekend, and Frank Ocean, but it’s long enough to aid in getting the job done. Or should I say fun? Luckily, no one was home tonight. I crawled into bed, turned on the playlist, and for the entire first song I just let my hands linger all over my body. This was my form of foreplay, and I thought about ~a boy~ but do whatever you please. Once the second song started, I grabbed Emily (product-named, not self-named), my trusty dusty vibrator, and let her into the basement. Like my book said, I tried not to focus on obtaining an orgasm; this was really hard to do, so I tried to apply some meditative skills to the process: be in the moment, focus only on what is happening now (sweet Zayn’s voice), and steady breathing. Considering I haven’t O’ed in literally ages, it took a total of four songs to reach my climax – but boy was it worth it. One of the best I’ve ever had, hands down.

[Here’s the playlist]

Day 2

Today, a roommate was home, but I just returned from the gym and needed to shower. I realized that was the perfect opportunity to grab my vibrator (who is thankfully waterproof) to join me for some shower fun. Once again, I started the music. Because the warm water had already relaxed me, I skipped the foreplay. That was a mistake. It took me four songs to O again but that was technically longer because I didn’t touch myself for a song ahead of time. I don’t think I’ll do this in the shower again. The one in my apartment is super tiny without a whole lot of wiggle room, so it was frustrating to have to stay in one cramped position in the corner the whole time. However, if you have a decently big shower (or bathtub), I would recommend it, as that was something I enjoyed this summer.

Day 3

One of my friends helped me decide what to do today: gym, shower, masturbate. This time I masturbated after my shower, while I was cozied up in bed, all warm, and somewhat exhausted from the workout but somewhat energized from the shower. As per usual, I turned on that wonderful playlist, and got started. I repeated Day one’s schedule, in that I did some foreplay for the first song and got to business for the next three. And yes, again, I reached an orgasm on the fourth song. Not sure why this keeps happening. This time, however, I had to turn my vibrator up to it’s maximum speed, which is something I usually don’t have to do – but it made for a very intense O which I was super happy about, especially because I’m going to a guy’s tonight where I know I won’t succeed in O’ing. I also noticed that it is not even until the fourth song that I begin feeling a general pleasure at all, and I somehow O in the same three minute time period. I guess it comes as fast as it goes.


Day 4 

Today was my favorite day. I just spent the night before at a rave, dancing with my guy, and returned home to find out we had to sleep on a couch in the same room with four other guys. Sexual tension was still high when I returned home early afternoon the next day. I decided to smoke and play some EDM music. I was still in a really good mood from the night before and the music was stuck in my head, and then I realized it would probably be super fun to masturbate to. And guess what… it was. I played music by Sikdope and Marshmello (two of the artists I had seen the night before), and this time it only took me three songs to finish! The way the music rose and fell, lead up to huge drops, and the steadiness of the beats, all were catalysts in my orgasm. Unfortunately, I didn’t O on a drop but I did soon after, and I think I may have even have had two orgasms. It was great, and I recommend this method immensely.

Day 5, 6, and 7

To be honest, the next three days turned out the same as day one and three, so I thought I’d spare you the repetitive details. Overall, this experience was extremely worth it. After just two days, I was feeling happier, more energized, and more comfortable with my sexuality. It also calmed my stress and I noticed I was going to bed earlier. Not only that, but I started enjoying sex more, knowing I could take care of myself and just focus on pleasing my partner rather than worrying about if I’ll orgasm or not. I highly recommend you try masturbating more often, because it will give you such a big appreciation for yourself, orgasms, and technology.