Emma Watson’s new Beauty and the Beast doll is so incredibly ugly


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Emma Watson’s new Beauty and the Beast doll is so incredibly ugly

She did not deserve this

Emma Watson is one of few universally adored celebrities. Maybe it’s because we grew up with Harry Potter, maybe it’s because she’s firm (if unthreatening) about her feminist ideals. Whatever the case, we as a millennial society seem to feel a certain amount of protectiveness toward Emma, our Hermione — and now, our Belle.

Which is why I’m so angry that she was disrespected with this hideous fucking doll from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast collection:

Emma Watson or Justin Bieber? #beautyandthebeast

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I don’t even know where to begin with this jaundiced, dead-eyed figure. Yes, it looks like Justin Bieber in a wig. Yes, it looks like Kristin Stewart’s Twilight character in her dying scenes. Poor Emma Watson should ask for lifetime reparations for this cruel injustice.

Of course, Twitter had a fucking field day with what I would dare to call the greatest, most senseless tragedy of our time.

But really, why did they make her forehead so big? That big-ass skull isn’t even close to proportionate to the rest of her body. Disney, I have several questions. First of all, how dare you?

Because this image is probably going to haunt your dreams tonight, here’s a Belle palate-cleanser in the form of the brand new Beauty and the Beast trailer.