Welcome to 2017, the year of the fuckboy glasses


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Welcome to 2017, the year of the fuckboy glasses

You know the ones

Here is a question. What does Hugh Grant in Notting Hill and every fuckboy I’ve ever texted have in common? Unfortunately, it’s not owning a really nice house in West London, living with ragamuffin roomie Rhys Ifans or creating an idyllic life with me, who looks like Julia Roberts, in a 90s paradise. No, it is these glasses.

You know the ones. The fuckboy glasses of old. The gold rimmed frame, the circular lenses. The fuckboy glasses.

At first they seeped into our collective consciousness slowly. You spotted them on Kendall Jenner looking like a fabulous librarian. Then they appeared on stereotypical-Williamsburg fuckboy Drew in critically acclaimed show Search Party. Maybe you saw them on that fit Harry Potter who went viral last year. They appeared, not in their final form yet, on the edgier fringes of the Made in Chelsea cast – your Proudlocks, your Francis Boulles.

Then, slowly but surely, you started to see them in real life too, on the edges of house parties, scrolling through Bumble, lurking in your DMs. In 2017, they’ll be around more than ever.

I say this primarily because I’ve accidentally bought a pair recently. I was feeling pretty great about them, showing off my astigmatism on Snapchat, when I noticed that a bunch of funny women on Twitter started tweeting about wearing or noticing the fuckboy glasses, and the magnitude of my mistake sank in. I bought fuckboy glasses thinking they looked cool, but now I accidentally looked like every guy in my phone book with a ‘DO NOT CONTACT’ next to their name.

nw yr nw me nw specs (same v gloomy selfie expression)

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Back in the 90s, in the time of Morrissey and Notting Hill Hugh Grant, the fuckboy glasses were instead the marker of the soft, gentle sadboi. Somewhere over the past 20 years though, they’ve mutated. Now they’re a marker of the pseudo-sadboi fuckboy (the worst type). They’re part of the faux-intelligentsia look – they belong on a guy who wears vintage Levi’s and oversized silk shirts and light understated jewellery and stays up for trainer drops and maybe works in a gallery or is a quintessential yuccie and will waste your fucking time but you’ll be like fine because he’s profound have you not seen his glasses.

I’m not the only one who’s noticed either:

I’m not saying this trend will last all year. It might be that the power of the fuckboy spectacle will diminish as we all leave cuffing season and the 90’s nostalgia wears off and we realise that actually they’re not that wonderful after all. But if they don’t, there’s also a summer sunglasses version so that’s really great.