I said ‘I know’ to every guy who complimented me on Tinder. This is how they reacted


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I said ‘I know’ to every guy who complimented me on Tinder. This is how they reacted

Most of them were pretty nice about it actually

Polite society dictates that you should always, always refute a compliment. To just accept a nice thing that’s being said about you is considered somehow smug, pompous, arrogant. Unless we’re self-deprecating, we just can’t accept self-love as being OK.

In my experience, boys especially really, really struggle when a girl accepts a compliment for them. It’s almost like you’re only attractive to them as long as you don’t actually think you’re attractive. You’re only hot as long as your confidence is so low that you rely on some creep off the Internet to validate said hotness.

At least, that’s what the general consensus is, so to test it out I went on Tinder and said ‘thank you, I know’ to every compliment I got.

Apparently, in this new era of the 2017 fuckboy, boys do not want to compliment girls anymore. There’s no grafting. They’re very happy to chat because they want ‘to fuck you’, but it took a lot of grafting on my part to actually get complimented in the first place. Big confidence booster, of course. Still, there were some interesting conversations, and some actual gentleman. On Tinder. Who would’ve thought?

This guy’s got it nailed, he knows how to play the game.


Loool what a polite way to call you conceited.


I did look cool in that third photo, to be fair.


I don’t know, is ‘decent looking girl’ even a compliment?




What a gentleman.


Because apparently knowing you’re not ugly is now big headed.


I don’t think he actually thought it was funny.