The best signs from today’s Women’s March in London


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The best signs from today’s Women’s March in London

‘I wish my boyfriend was as dirty as your policies’

Today women gathered in their thousands to march for equality and against bigotry in London, just as they’ll do in a few short hours in New York and DC and all across the UK and US. It’s fair to say that after yesterday’s inauguration the mood was low. People were angry. People were disheartened. People were afraid. But at today’s march the mood couldn’t have felt more different.

Thousands of women walked through Central London today to celebrate together, to sing and dance and talk to each other and though everyone was “really very cross” about what happened, everyone was looking forward rather than back, to what they can do to stop Trump and support each other rather than lamenting the fuck up in which he got here in the first place. And apparently all that anger and activism translated into some really great creative signs. Here are some of the best.

Photos contributed by Lucy Woodham, Ophelie Hocquard, Daisy Bernard, Laura Fitzpatrick, Ruth Squires and Ella Theaker.

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