No, women didn’t just dump their signs after the march


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No, women didn’t just dump their signs after the march

Time to nip this rumor in the bud

After the positivity and warmth of this weekend’s Women’s March on Washington, it’s inevitable that a few haters would try to bring it down. Social media has been flooded with posts depicting piles and piles of signs from the protest tossed aside on streets.

Like so many posts on social media, it’s gained momentum even though it’s false. Context is key in this situation. Actually, context is a key to life.

A gathering of a half-million people is, of course, probably going to leave some trace. The signs depicted in so many of the photos, however, were left in those particular spots for a reason. They were piled against the Trump International Hotel and White House fences as a message, a literal wall, for Trump.

Critics of the sign disposal method also fail to realizing that stacking signs in one heap makes clean-up significantly easier, especially considering trash cans were more than likely spilling over.

Finally, it’s entirely worth mentioning that the National Park Service remarked that the Women’s March on Washington were “tidy” with NPS spokesperson Emily Linroth stating that “fortunately, a lot of people, even though, the trash cans were full, have stacked the trash neatly as close to the trash cans as they could get them, so that is making our job easier.”

Once again, women did it the right way.