‘Slim thick’ is the newest body craze designed to make you feel like total shit


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‘Slim thick’ is the newest body craze designed to make you feel like total shit

The movement is just as destructive and unattainable as the rest of them.

Over the past few years, a select few celebrities (read: the entire Kardashian Koven) have not only managed to make curves acceptable but as a result started a body trend we now recognize as “slim thick.”

The era of the supermodel was over. Suddenly, the hourglass figure was du jour and having a big ass was desirable.

Initially, the trend seemed pretty body-positive. Embracing curves? Encouraging health and fitness? Finally, a place for curvier women to feel included…right?

Not exactly.


The Kardashians have been rumored to utilize plastic surgery and openly use waist trainers on a regular basis for the sole purpose of achieving this look.

There is surprisingly little national coverage on this trend aside from social media, which only proves that this is not a real thing for most people.

Marissa Mayfield, an Equinox associate, gave a brief description of what you’d need to do to look both toned and curvy:

“Focus on donkey kicks or a pilates machine that works your core and your bottom half, so you can slim down on your waist and build up the leg and butt muscles,” she said. “You also should eat clean while restricting carbs, and keep hydrated.”

Marissa is likely right that by doing the above, you will slim down while building up muscle — but that still leaves the question of whether you can get a Kim body without having a ton of money and extra resources.

And also, let’s not forget that body types are a real thing. Bone structure is a real thing, and you can’t change that shit. For a movement that screams “this is achievable!” it’s definitely discouraging a ton of people.

So instead of Photoshopping or starving ourselves to look long and lean, we are now Photoshopping and waist training to get a perfect hourglass shape.

Or worse, eating poorly to gain some weight in the hopes that it will magically move to just your hips and boobs, which we all know never fucking happens.

Not only does the slim thick trend marginalize women with naturally thin frames, but it also marginalizes curvy women. If they don’t have the whittled-down waist and slim legs, or if they have stretch marks, they are not slim thick.

This trend is another bullshit war on women’s bodies, and though some people may be able to Kardashianize themselves, the rest of us live in the reality of diverse body types, bone structures and curves.

More importantly, we will choose to live in this reality, because I know I sure as fuck will never look like Kim even with a pilates machine, and I am totally cool with it.

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