Vogue’s latest photoshop fuck-up is really embarrassing


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Vogue’s latest photoshop fuck-up is really embarrassing

They did Gigi dirty

Vogue just released their March issue which they claim celebrates “modern American women” by using “diverse” models. Critics have taken to Twitter to point out that using one plus-sized model — and women of color who have face and body structures celebrated by white women — doesn’t really equal diversity.

That’s definitely an issue. But what we should all really be focusing on is Gigi’s noodle hand.

LOOK AT IT. Sure, Gigi Hadid has freakishly long and freakishly beautiful legs, but there is no way a human’s hand is that long. It is blatantly obvious that her hand — and arguably, her arm — has been stretched by a mediocre photoshopper. That’s pretty embarrassing for, I don’t know, the largest and most popular fashion magazine ever.

But what makes it more embarrassing is Twitter’s claim that Vogue’s editors likely placed her hand there as an optical illusion to make Ashley Graham’s stomach appear smaller.

If that’s true, Vogue claims that they are championing real women but then attempted to hide the only not stick-skinny model on their cover. And really, are you celebrating women at all if you feel the need to use photoshop on models like Gigi Hadid? If you can’t even use a real Gigi on your cover, there’s not much hope for the rest of us.

We have reached out to Conde Nast for a statement on the cover but have not heard back yet. This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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