I asked guys on Tinder out for Valentine’s Day and this is how they reacted

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I asked guys on Tinder out for Valentine’s Day and this is how they reacted

Get some ket in?

Valentine’s Day is a day full of expectations, but what happens when you’re single and inevitably these expectations will be disappointed?

With the invention of dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, etc. getting a date for V Day shouldn’t be hard, should it? But in polite society, it’s not considered standard practise for a girl to ask a guy out, which means there’s loads of girls that are left hanging on the most romantic day of the year. Because, as everyone knows, guys hate Valentine’s day. They will go out of their way to avoid the day completely if they can, and that includes asking a stranger they’ve met on the Internet out for dinner. Sorry girls. But what happens if the girl takes control? Will the guys still refuse, or do they secretly really want to go out and be romantic on February 14th, even if it is with someone they barely know? I put this to the test, and asked guys on Tinder out for Valentine’s Day. This was how they reacted.

Apparently, despite this being the new era of the fuckboy, there is not that many fuckboys on Tinder at the moment. Most of the guys were actually interested in doing something for Valentine’s Day, although some of the suggestions were poor at best. And none of them came with the promise of flowers and chocolate, so what’s even the point?

This guy started strong and only went up from there (no pun intended)


Standard for Leeds to be fair



The 90s nostalgia version of Netflix and chill?




There’s a theme starting to emerge here


What a gentleman x


This guy’s got it nailed


So romantic


This guy didn’t even skip a beat, he knows what he’s doing


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