A journey through the weird, wonderful world of Melania Trump’s Twitter pictures


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A journey through the weird, wonderful world of Melania Trump’s Twitter pictures

Her photos are…interesting

When you think of the First Lady of the United States, you don’t necessarily think of a fire social media game. But you don’t really think of this, either:

Introspective, sure. Melania is clearly a thinker concerned with environmental policy and its impact. But if you think FLOTUS is all substance and no style, think again because she’s tweeted loads of weirdly filtered selfies for your enjoyment:

Did she use her iPhone to take a picture of a photo on her computer screen or is that just a glam new Instagram filter only accessible to the one percent with verified account?

Melania’s Twitter is, of course, a gem and it really allows us the chance to get to know her and her quirky, unique personality. For example, we now know that she’s a sports fan:

We know she keeps it right and tight for her Daddy Donald (ugh, I’m so sorry):

And we know that she’s so rich, she doesn’t even need a case on her phone. If the screen cracks, she can always get a replacement at the Apple Store near her #summer residence:

She’s a makeup expert, but not afraid to turn to her fans for advice and wisdom:

She appreciates fine art:

And hot air balloons — sorry, I mean colorful & silent visitors in the sky:

She keeps her smile super clean and fresh:

And here we have yet another picture of a picture, this one of her drinking (?) some jewels — as one does:

She hangs with the Clintons! Talk about a #TBT, Mel!

Scrolling through Melania’s weird-ass feed, I felt pangs of sadness for her. She didn’t want to be Mrs. Hitler, she just wanted to chill at Mar-a-Lago, hang out with baby Barron, and take pictures like this:

She’s like our moms on social media: she doesn’t quite know what she’s doing, but she’s having fun and that’s all that matters. I mean, this is her Twitter cover photo:

She also doesn’t have a personal Instagram account, but seems to have weird filters applied to all of her Twitter pictures. Does she have an unused, anonymous IG just for filtering? Icon! Most of us peasants can only afford a single Instagram. Ugh, when will your fave?

Tweet on, FLOTUS. Tweet on.

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