Young female artists you should be following on Instagram


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Young female artists you should be following on Instagram

Bc what are you using Instagram for right now except selfies and stalking your ex

Everyone loves Instagram, but they also worry, deep down in their darkest moments, about whether their Instagram is basic. It would perhaps be less basic if you diversified their newsfeed by following these amazing female artists.

Laura Callaghan


A post shared by Laura Callaghan (@lauracallaghanillustration) on Jan 29, 2017 at 7:30am PST

Laura Callaghan is an Irish illustrator based in South East London. Her dayglo work, hand drawn using a mixture of watercolour, indian ink and isograph pen, has been featured in NYLON, Refinery 29 and The Debrief. She also works with Urban Outfitters, has been featured at V&A’s Friday Lates, and is the Illustration Editor for Oh Comely! magazine.


Velwyn is a multidisciplinary artist and fashion illustrator with a fascination of culture and identity, whose work explores alternative ideas of beauty and inner strength, presenting her subjects with depth and emotional complexity. Many of her projects are concept-driven, characterized by playful experimentation as well as exaggeration of forms and lines both in traditional and digital medium.

Born in Indonesia she now works in LA and London, and has collaborated with Instagram, CNN Style, SHOWstudio, Gucci, and her works have been featured in, amongst others, The Daily Telegraph, Harper’s Bazaar, AnOther Loves, DASH, LOVE magazine and Tumblr radar. She is currently exploring the possibilities of paint, in a project entitled “Dolls and Identity” for future exhibitions and working as a lecturer at London College of Fashion.

Daisy Bernard

When you're the only one with cigarettes at pre drinks. One of a series i'm doing for @babeswhodgaf

A post shared by Daisy Bernard (@daisybernardart) on Jan 31, 2017 at 7:37am PST

Daisy Bernard is a freelance artist who focuses on portraits and fashion illustration. She specialised in fashion illustration during an Art Foundation course in Oxford, and is now working in journalism. Her work has been featured in Elle, The Independent and has been shared by Ashton Kutcher and Nikki Minaj.

Celia Carlstedt 


A post shared by Cecilia Carlstedt Illustrator (@cecilia_carlstedt) on Nov 9, 2016 at 7:01am PST

Cecilia has been working as a full time illustrator ever since she graduated from London Collage of Communication in 2003. She spent several years in London and New York but is now back in her home town Stockholm. She has worked with a wide range of clients but is essentially linked to the world of fashion. She experiments with ink, screen printing and collage and has collaborated with Vogue, Jimmy Choo, NY Mag and Tiffany’s.

Nina Cosford

People-watching and drawing the trends ☕️✌?????

A post shared by Nina Cosford (@ninacosford) on Nov 3, 2016 at 10:10am PDT

Nina is a freelance illustrator from England who describes herself as “a girl that draws”. Her book “My Name is Girl: An Illustrated Guide to the Female Mind” was released last year, and alongside working in editorial and advertising she also creates illustrated books about her favourite inspirational women, including Frida Kahlo, Coco Chanel and Virginia Woolf.

Laura Collins

"Princess Diana Rolling Her Eyes" 20% of the proceeds will benefit The Royal Foundation

A post shared by Laura Collins (@lauracollinsart) on Jan 10, 2017 at 11:43am PST

Based in New York, Laura Collins’ work focuses on pop culture – she paints reality TV stars, politicians, subtitled screenshots and action shots of girls falling down on the catwalk, as well as an entire show last year based on the Olsen twins “The Olsen Twins Hiding From The Paparazzi”Her last painting was a piece commemorating the depressing moment where POTUS Donald Trump mocked a disabled reporter.

#2016bestnine I worked hard this year.

A post shared by Laura Collins (@lauracollinsart) on Dec 30, 2016 at 8:07am PST

Polly Nor

Nobody knows

A post shared by POLLY NOR (@pollynor) on Oct 24, 2016 at 2:42pm PDT

Polly draws women and their demons. She’s a freelance Illustrator based in North West London.Since graduating in 2011 she has been commissioned by a variety of clients including Bloomsbury Publishing, Dazed Digital, Hunger TV, Doc Martens and Complex Magazine. She also sells really great iPhone cases.

Nm rly wbu? #Throwbackwhenever

A post shared by POLLY NOR (@pollynor) on May 4, 2016 at 8:03am PDT

Celeste Mountjoy


A post shared by celeste mountjoy (@filthyratbag) on Dec 1, 2016 at 10:08pm PST

Celeste is based in Melbourne and she is ONLY SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD which is enough to make anyone feel inadequate. Talking to Konbini about her “dark cynical style” last year, the literal child prodigy said: “I think that’s the label I received when I started publishing my comics. Dark, edgy, cynical, edgy, edgy, sad, meme. However, I don’t think it makes sense to say that’s tongue in cheek, considering I very seldom meet teenagers that don’t embody a dark edgy cynical edgy edgy sad vibe. I never decided that’s the style I wanted to hit, but being someone who feels sad things it feels right to draw what you feel.”

Well Kate that's what you fucking get for trying to impress that cute boy behind the bike shed after school

A post shared by celeste mountjoy (@filthyratbag) on Oct 13, 2016 at 3:08am PDT

Mari Andrew


A post shared by Mari Andrew (@bymariandrew) on Feb 8, 2017 at 11:47pm PST

Originally from Seattle, writer and illustrator Mari lives in DC and posts one comic a day to her Instagram.  On her website she describes herself as someone who values “optimism, honesty, and vulnerability”.

She also says: “I do not value ‘having chill’.” Which everyone can understand and constantly relate to, obviously.

May Lin Le Goff

Photographer and collage artist May Lin has lived in NYC since 2010.Born in France and raised in Singapore, she moved to NYC to complete her BFA at the School of Visual Arts. These cultural influences have had a huge effect on her creative identity. The vibrant colors and impeccably styled subjects, juxtaposed with a unique level of disorder, make her images immediately identifiable.

She also runs a gofundme from her Instagram to raise money for Planned Parenthood by selling those great Pussies Against Trump cat patches.

Anne Bengard

Berlin based artist Anne Bengard explores the relationship between people, expression, objects and imagination within her work. Her pastel paintings are inspired by Japanese manga and pop culture, particularly from the female empowering ‘magical girl’ genre.

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

Artist and illustrator Tatyana is the creator of the @stoptellingwomentosmile project. She says: “I want to be an artist whose work is of use to movements. That is of use to people who are marginalized. I want to make work for our society, to move it to be a better place.”

Sarah Bahbah

??? #summerwithoutapool directed, written and shot by me. Cast: @lily_sullivan @lennycabrie

A post shared by Sarah Bahbah (@sarahbahbah) on Dec 20, 2016 at 9:57pm PST

If you have recurring thoughts about how annoying it is that nobody’s made a quaint oversaturated art haus film about your life, then you’ll like Sarah Bahbah. Her photographs come with subtitles at the bottom, so everything looks like a ~deep and meaningful~ teenage Tumblr post, but in the best way.

Anna Tsvell

Born in Russia, Anna is a self taught artist who lives in LA and rarely exhibits her paintings. She says she draws girls who are bad and sad; “A kind of bohemian melancholy + some bad rockandrolla behavior. Anna’s abstract paintings are surrealistic , she loves to play with colors and textures”.

Juliette Hayt

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A post shared by Juliette Hayt??? (@juliette_hayt) on Dec 6, 2016 at 9:23am PST

Juliette is based in New York, where she studies Studio Art at NYU. She describes her work in painting, sculpture and writing as a an ongoing “visual diary”.