Lana Del Rey is joining the coven of witches hexing Donald Trump tonight


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Lana Del Rey is joining the coven of witches hexing Donald Trump tonight

And here’s how you can join her

Everybody relax, because Lana Del Rey and some witches are here to save democracy and liberate us from this evil.

Lana threw Twitter into a frenzy when she sent this cryptic tweet last night:

Initially thought to be album news, Twitter users quickly connected the dots and figured out that her listed dates all coincide with crescent moons, which witches across the globe plan to use for a binding spell against Donald Trump.

The first crescent moon spell is set for tonight at midnight.

“The ritual itself is pretty standard magic working,” Jaya Saxena of Elle explained. It’s “binding Trump from doing harm to others and to himself, rather than asking any forces to do harm to him.”

Witches and witch stans across the internet are, of course, buzzing with excitement.

If you want to join in (meeeee!), there’s an instruction list circulating so you can put your powers to good use.

Michael M. Hughes, one of the spell planners, told Elle the exact intentions of the hex. “We’re not wishing harm on anyone, we’re just trying to stop the harm they’re doing,” Hughes said. “It’s not the equivalent of punching a Nazi in the face, it’s the equivalent of tying him up and taking his bullhorn away.”

Because there always has to be someone spoiling all the fun, Christian groups are planning a “counter prayer” to protect Trump. So basically, the witches need all the help they can get. Go get your supplies (especially the unflattering photo of Trump — so many to choose from!) and get ready.

Our millions of hours spent watching American Horror Story have lead us to this moment.