Literally just a list of hot guys you haven’t thought about since the mid-00s


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Literally just a list of hot guys you haven’t thought about since the mid-00s

And they could all still get it

Let’s face it: the aughts were the golden age of teen romantic movies. Romance was always on screen, and we basically spent the whole decade mentally pasting our own faces over Hillary Duff’s. Here are the guys who made us swoon.

Chad Michael Murray 

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He bothered moms and daughters alike opposite Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday (2003).

Freddie Prinze Jr. 

Prinze and his pecs charmed the falafel hat right off of Rachel Leigh Cook in She’s All That (1999).

Josh Hartnett

From The Virgin Suicides (1999) to (2001) to 40 Days and 40 Nights (2002), if you never had a crush on Josh Harnett growing up, you probably didn’t have a pulse.

Jesse Bradford 

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He was in classic movies like Romeo + Juliet (1996), Bring it On (2000), and Swimfan (2002), but honestly, we were probably just looking at him the whole time.

Milo Ventimiglia and Jared Padalecki

Presented together because let’s be real, you had a crush on them at the same time. Whether you were Team Jesse or Team Dean, nobody really wanted to choose. Here they are pulling on a rope, which presumably is tied around Rory Gilmore’s heart.

Shane West 

His role in A Walk to Remember (2002) earned him a Teen Choice Award for his on-screen chemistry with Many Moore, and we definitely didn’t log on over and over to vote 10,000 times.

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