Ross Geller is the biggest fuckboy on Friends


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Ross Geller is the biggest fuckboy on Friends


There are many fuckboys who’ve come into our lives throughout the 10 seasons of Friends, but only one can lead them. Only one is worse than all the rest – and that one is, unsurprisingly, Ross Geller.

This weekend we asked you to vote for the biggest Friends fuckboy and Ross won in a landslide victory with 32.75 per cent of the vote. It makes sense, if you really think about it.

Ah yes, Ross, the man who got angry at his infant son for playing with a Barbie as if it would somehow infect him with gay, completely forgot about Ben as soon as Emma appeared, SAID THE WRONG NAME AT ONE OF HIS THREE WEDDINGS, lied about seeking an annulment, spell-checked Rachel’s love letter, did not read Rachel’s love letter, cheated on Rachel they definitely weren’t on a break. Tried to have sex with his own cousin.

Tried to have sex with his own cousin.

Of course, there were others who competed alongside him for the fuckboy title. Joey, predictably, came in second place with 22 per cent of the vote, while Paolo, Rachel’s Italian boyfriend who tried to touch Phoebe up, was in third place with nearly 15 per cent.

At the other end of the spectrum some of the men of the East Village came out relatively unscathed. Unsurprisingly Mike, Phoebe’s eventual husband who can play the piano without there being a piano present, was the most angelic of all – nobody voted him as the biggest fuckboy. Not one person. And he deserves it to be honest.