Academy Award winning actress appears on TV show in low cut top, apparently becomes news for Daily Mail


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Academy Award winning actress appears on TV show in low cut top, apparently becomes news for Daily Mail

Brie Larson was there to promote a film but more importantly her boobs right?

You might know Brie Larson as an Academy Award winning actress, advocate for victims of sexual assault or woman who became the most talked about thing about the Oscars after she refused to clap Casey Affleck following his controversial Best Actor win.

But for the Daily Mail and the people who enjoy them on Twitter, Brie Larson is a woman who appeared on the One Show in a very low cut top and is thus talentless and will burn in the eternal fires of hell.

Larson appeared on the show last night to promote her new film Kong: Skull Island and wore a “very low cut top” which was actually a tasteful nude jumpsuit. Appalled with her decision to wear the “risque number” on a “pre-watershed show”, the Daily Mail proceeded to harvest tweets from Mary Whitehouse wannabes of Twitter, who wrote things like: ‘No1 told @brielarson #TheOneShow is on at 7pm?! Surprised @BBC or @BBCTheOneShow dont have a dress code for guests’ and ‘Ummm that’s quite a lot of breast for 7pm on a Wednesday! #TheOneShow.’

Others posted their disapproval, regardless of the time of day: ‘#TheOneShow Good grief Brie! #putemaway’

‘Lovely cleavage Brie but put it away. It’s a family show & you’ll catch your death!’ someone else typed with disdain.”


Weirdly none of the tweets were embedded in the article and were all apparently sent from the frigid chilly winds of 1948. They go on to include jokes about her co-star Samuel L Jackson having to keep his legs crossed while she wore the jumpsuit (it’s a boner joke), and then go on to explain her male colleagues outfits in some more reserved terms:  “Tom Hiddleston, indeed, looked smart for his appearance – The Night Manager star wore a navy blue suit and mahogany loafers for the appearance.

His tie featured a design with bees on it, adding a quirky element to the hunky actor’s refined style.”

They went on to describe the film much later but who cares about that, right, when you can get some clicks from talking about a 27-year-old woman’s tits? Nobody at the Daily Mail, is the answer.