All the things makeup artists know to be all too true


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All the things makeup artists know to be all too true

‘Can you do my eyes for tonight?’

Being a makeup artist on the side while studying for your degree sounds like a dream job for most makeup-obsessed students like myself, and it sure is a very satisfying job to have. I’ve worked as a barmaid, a waitress, in retail, you name it, and none of them come close to my job doing makeup. It has many pros and cons but as a whole it’s great. There are many things us MUA’s will all definitely experience on a daily basis, things which your average human just won’t understand. Things like these.

Our wardrobes are at least 70 per cent black

If you’re out shopping and you spot a stunning dress, and can’t decide whether to get it in green or black, black always wins. 99% of your clothing purchases are justified with “well I can wear it to work too”.

Makeup cleaning spray and tissues are our saving graces

Who has time for water and all that hassle? This is the best thing since sliced bread. A couple of sprays, rub it in some tissues and your brushes are ready to go in minutes.

We’re always the last ready for a night out

Not just because you spend ages doing your own makeup and perfecting that glittery cut crease, but because every single  one of your friends asks you to do “just their eyeshadow”, “just their contour” and so on. It’s never “just” anything; you’ll end up doing their entire face, and for free too.

They’ll promise to pay you back in drinks, but it never happens. They best damn appreciate it, this would cost upwards of £30 if they weren’t our friends. Also we’re extra AF and can’t just go out with a simple smokey eye. The glitter comes out, and we could never imagine leaving without a sharp cut crease.

I’m not always THIS extra- this was for a fancy dress party

The pay is great

As we’re working in sales and artistry the pay is typically a good couple pounds an hour more than the minimum wage, which is great. But more of an excuse to spend more money on the fantastic makeup you’re surrounded by all day.

And the perks

THE DISCOUNTS, THE FREEBIES, it’s never ending. Nothing better than going home with some freebies from work when there’s a new product launch, and nothing annoys your friends more than your massive staff discount.

Your hand will constantly be covered in swatches

You will wash your hands at least 30 times a day after repeatedly swatching lipsticks, eyeliners, and demonstrating how amazing the pigmentation on a certain eyeshadow is.

‘I’m just gonna see how it wears and come back later!’

These kind of customers are the worst. You spend half an hour trying and testing loads of different products on them, they look amazing, they know they do, but they tell you  they’re late to go somewhere and will come back later after seeing “how it wears”. They never come back, they just wanted the free makeover. Breaks my heart.

We’re all dead chatty

In this line of work, you need to be. It’s always great getting to know your customers during a makeover, learning about them, what they do and so on, and working in this industry really builds your confidence.

We always have to look nice for work

This is both a pro and a con. Pro being we can get ourselves looking all pretty for work, and if we have plans after our shift, we can leave work, take off our brush belt and go straight to the bar because we’re already dressed to the nines. Con being we have to wake up a good two hours before our shifts starts to make sure our hair and makeup is flawless.

There’s no rolling out of bed 15 minutes before we’re meant to be in for us. Messy bun and bare face isn’t the right look for the shop floor of a beauty hall.

Work has the best selfie lighting

There’s nothing worse than working whilst hungover

Working any job hungover is a trek in itself, but having to get yourself all dolled up when you really can’t be arsed, having to wear heels and be on your feet for around eight hours, and be constantly in people’s faces being chatty and making conversation; it’s in another league. You’ll probably spend half the day throwing up in the toilet and have no shame.

Making someone feel good about themselves is the highlight

Every good makeup artist will get so much satisfaction out of getting to know a customer and their beauty needs, and then fulfilling them. There’s nothing better than seeing someone’s reaction when you’ve put everything into a makeover

We love customers who let us try out everything on them

Those customers who come in with cash to burn, and no clue about the brand; they’re the best. Give me your money.