Who thought it was a good idea to put a professional dancer on ‘Dancing with the Stars’?


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Who thought it was a good idea to put a professional dancer on ‘Dancing with the Stars’?

Heather Morris of ‘Glee’ fame used to tour with Beyonce

Dancing with the Stars released the cast of season 24, and unlike most seasons, the celebrities chosen to perform this time around seem pretty relevant. With ‘SNL’ alum Chris Kattan; Olympic champion Simone Biles; the current Bachelor, Nick Viall; Fifth Harmony’s Normandie Kordei; and even Mr. T, there seems to be someone for everyone to root for.

In most seasons, there has been an obvious front-runner– usually someone young and famous for doing something that involves more coordination than the average occupation. For example, last season’s winner was 16-year-old Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez. On season 18, Olympic gold-medalist ice dancer Meryl Davis took home the Mirror Ball Trophy. Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson won season 8 and the Pussycat Dolls’ Nicole Scherzinger took the prize season 10.

Based on that precedent, Biles or Kordei would be shoo-ins for this season, however there is one star who was cast who is poised to blow them all away: Heather Morris.

You may remember Morris from her days on ‘Glee’ as the dumb blonde cheerleader Brittany S. Pierce, but what you may not know is that she actually started off her career as a professional dancer.

Her talent was made incredibly apparent during this iconic ‘Glee’ performance:

  • In 2006, Morris auditioned to be on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, where she made it through Vegas, but was cut before the top 20. In 2007 she went on to tour with Beyonce as a backup dancer on ‘the Beyonce Experience’ world tour and did the award show/TV appearance circuit with the singer in 2008.

    Here she is performing ‘Single Ladies’ on ‘the Today Show’:

  • While past stars on ‘DWTS’ have had some dance experience, none have ever been dancers by trade. On a show that mostly centers around the transformation of stars from incredibly uncoordinated to at least proficient in ballroom dance, this is kind of a game changer, even if Morris’ background is mostly in jazz .

    When asked by Entertainment Tonight if she saw her past experience as any kind of leg-up, Morris replied, “I don’t think so at all! I think the competition is completely fair. There’s a gold medal gymnast! Come on!”

    Sure. Let’s go with that, Heather.

    At least if she ever gets any score less than a 9 we’ll know for sure the system is rigged and we can go on to care about ‘DWTS’ even less than we already do.