All the things basic white girls are tired of hearing

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All the things basic white girls are tired of hearing

‘Do you have to say ‘literally’ all the time?’

The term “basic white girl” has become so common it’s practically on the cusp of being added to the Oxford English dictionary, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an annoying stereotype. Literally anything these days can get you classed as a “basic white girl”, including wearing mom jeans, or drinking Starbucks, or liking the colour pink. Basically, liking anything that makes your average day feel just that little bit better will get you classed as basic. But these are the most common, and most annoying things basic white girls hear on a day to day basis.

‘Of course you like Starbucks’

Because apparently liking a really nice hot drink every once in a while is now a crime. It’s not my fault there’s literally a Starbucks on every corner. And I mean, really, where else am I supposed to get my daily caffeine fix? Making it at home is just not the same.

#BasicWhiteGirl #PumkinSpiceLatte #SoyVanillaLatte #starbucks ????????? omglobbb so basic ❤️❤️??

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‘Are you going somewhere important dressed like that?’

Everywhere I go is important. But if you must know, I just genuinely like looking nice when I go out. Sorry if that’s a crime.

 ‘Apple products aren’t even that good’

Yes they are. The only people that say this are people that are jealous they don’t own anything made my Apple, but are too bitter to do anything about it. They’d rather moan and whine about how their Android phone is “honestly the best thing on the market at the moment” (even though we all know it’s not).

R o s e G o l d || I do miss my headphones though ? #MakeDreamsHappen

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‘Careful you don’t break a nail’

Usually a comment from some pretentious guy who’s taken one look at you as you walked in the room and automatically decided he knows everything about you – including the fact that you obviously look like a girl who is going to cry if she breaks a nail. Don’t even think about opening your laptop, having some water, or even picking up a book if you don’t want this shouted at you. News flash: not every girl cares about her nails, not every girl goes for manicures once a week. I know, shocking. Just let that sink in for a moment.

‘Do you really have to take so many selfies?’

Yes. I do. Because are you really a basic white girl if you don’t document your entire life?

?☄️ #throwback #whydomylipslooksoweird #selfie #party #tbt #drunk #lol

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‘When I first met you I thought you were stuck up’

Wow, great, thanks. What exactly gave you the impression I was stuck up? The fact that I care about my appearance maybe?I didn’t realise that looking put-together was a sign of being totally approachable. Or maybe it’s because I own an iPhone like literally half the planet. Or maybe it’s because I’m carrying a Starbucks drink that probably cost a maximum of £5. Wow, really broke the bank with that one.

‘Do you have to say “literally” all the time?’

Literally, yes. I literally do have to say “literally” like literally all the time. I am literally incapable of saying, like, literally anything else. Sorry if that’s literally like so annoying. Maybe as annoying as being called a “basic white girl” LITERALLY all the time.

‘You are such a basic white girl’

WHO CARES. Seriously. Stop attacking girls because they drink coffee, own rose gold iPhone’s, and like taking selfies. It’s getting boring.


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