Apparently the newest sexist trend is pulling down women’s tank-tops without permission


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Apparently the newest sexist trend is pulling down women’s tank-tops without permission

And ‘we’re asking for it’

Current standout for the Dallas Cowboys, Ezekiel Elliott, was caught on video pulling a woman’s tank top down to expose her breast while at a St. Patrick’s Day day parade in Dallas, TX.

TMZ posted the first video this morning of an unidentified woman pointing to her cleavage and then to Elliott, before he goes all in and yanks the left side of her top right off.

A second video was posted shortly after which shows Elliott attempting to pull the woman’s shirt down again, but ends with the woman flashing the crowd — herself.

In both videos — even the one where she willingly flashes the crowd — the woman can be seen shocked by Elliott’s gesture as she quickly tries to cover up, and even push him away, during his second attempt.

Screenshot from the TMZ video when the woman pushes Elliott away

Cue the part where all of Zeke’s loyal fans flock to his side to defend him because “she was clearly asking for it” and “she flashed them anyway so what’s the big deal?”

Two words: It’s 2017. Women should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies — flashing breasts included — without the aid intrusion of men.

The former Ohio State running back is currently being investigated by the NFL over assault allegations made by his ex-girlfriend, who posted pictures of her arms covered in bruises to Instagram, tagging Elliott. He was not arrested and no charges were made.

Screenshot from the TMZ video

Maybe the woman in the video thought hanging out with a football star was worth it, and maybe she truly didn’t think what happened was a big deal. But if we want to see the end of the Brock Turners, the Casey Afflecks, and the dicks who hump statues of little girls, then attacking a woman for “asking for it” when a guy undresses her in public, should be a big fucking deal.

Featured image from Twitter.