This new crop top from Urban Outfitters shows the crop top trend has gone too damn far


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This new crop top from Urban Outfitters shows the crop top trend has gone too damn far

Hell is empty and all the devils are here

The crop top trend is officially over, and Urban Outfitters were the ones who put the final nail in the coffin.

Listed on the site for $16, the “Extreme Crop Tank Top Shrug” consists of nothing more than the neckline of a ribbed T-shirt. It’s basically an oversized necklace.

Normally, when a top is cropped to such an extent that it’s even smaller than a bra, it would be known as lingerie. At the most, maybe a bralette you could wear to the club for a night out. Not this top though.

Courtesy of Out From Under, Urban Outfitter’s exclusive brand, this is apparently part of their loungewear line. Because, yeah, this looks totally like the type of thing I want to wear when I’m having a sofa and Netflix chill day.

While the product description won’t tell you anything about why anyone would come up with an idea for a top like this, it does a least tell you how it should be worn.

Surprise: it should be layered. Apparently, it’s “the ultra-sexy way to layer”, cut above the chest “for the coolest layered look”. Which is good, considering it’s March and therefore cold outside. Even in this freakish warm weather, it’s too cold to go out in a bra and giant necklace.

The look I can imagine the creators picturing is probably the same as what’s on the website, where the model wears the ribbed tank over a black bra, styled with high-waisted jeans, and probably some fishnet tights thrown in for good measure.

The overall image, however, looks closer to how I look when I’m halfway through getting dressed and I have to quickly try and skip a song on Spotify. But each to their own, I guess.

In case you were wondering, this top could be yours for the great price of $16, but it has since disappeared from the UO website. I wonder why.