A bunch of nasty men hacked female celebrities’ iClouds and leaked their nudes online – again


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A bunch of nasty men hacked female celebrities’ iClouds and leaked their nudes online – again

Targets include Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried

Female celebrities have once again been the victim of an illegal iCloud hack, including Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson.

According to Gizmodo, similarly to last year’s leaks, “4chan has been a primary vehicle for disseminating links to the photo sets.”

The attack bears a chilling similarity to the iCloud nude photo leak of 2014, more commonly referred to as, “the Fappening”.

On that occasion, Ryan Collins, 36, sent fake emails, and got victims to unknowingly hand over their usernames and passwords. He then used that information to get into their email accounts, download their nudes, and leak them online — targeting female celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, and Kate Upton.

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Collins’ arrest for unauthorized access to a protected computer to obtain information.

Other celebrity victims of this leak include Jillian Murray, Alyssa Arce, Rhona Mitra and Iliza Shlesinger.

A spokesperson for Watson confirmed that there were in fact private photos stolen from a swimsuit fitting, but that the photos of an unknown woman in the bath with her face obscured, are not of her.

Watson has since brought in lawyers to handle the situation.

Whether or not these photos are of these celebrities, or are photoshopped, is beside the point. These are women in positions of power, meant to be respected for the impossible hours of work they put in each and every day, and instead, discussions about them are being trivialized to this.

Someone like Emma Watson has dedicated so much of her life to helping women realize their worth. But how are we meant to do that, when even she can’t escape the rampant sexism surrounding the media.

This isn’t about a photo of Amanda Seyfried, or a photo of Emma Watson in a bath. This is about the way we talk about females, and especially female celebrities. Nobody is releasing a nude photo of Daniel Radcliffe, so why are we still having to argue that this is about something much bigger than nudes?


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