Is Adam Driver hot? An investigation


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Is Adam Driver hot? An investigation

We asked science, memes, and each other

More than race, gender, political creed or sexual orientation, the people of this world can be divided into two categories: people who would fuck Adam Driver, and people who wouldn’t.

Actually, it’s a little more complicated than that because the people who find him hot think he’s beyond attractive — they think he’s the sexiest man alive. And other (wrong) people don’t just find him unappealing, they find him totally repulsive.

In the interest of science, let’s break down everything about this guy and put this debate to bed once and for all: is Adam Driver hot?

When the question was posed to members of the Babe/Tab office family, it’s very important to note that almost all of the men found him not hot while almost all of the women found him devastatingly attractive.

Everyone, though, had very specific reasons for liking/not liking him:

Caroline might have a point, as women are more attracted to men with feminine features according to a recent study. A lot of what we find hot, though, might be based around what we like in his best-known work, Girls.

But anecdotal evidence can only take us so far, so we turned to science for some real answers. We found a 100 percent scientifically accurate totally correct website and submitted a photo of Adam to be evaluated for attractiveness.

Facial beauty analysis site AnaFace (I read that incorrectly the first time too) gave Adam a metric score of 7.2 out of 10. This is what they said kept Adam from being a perfect 10:

We’re gonna use a standard middle school grading scale and call everything above a 70 percent attractive. This would make him hot, right? But there is one more factor to consider: memes.

There are so many memes just dragging Adam. And while I personally would fill my pockets with stones and wade into the river for the chance to drink his spit, the more weird comparisons about him I read, the more I question myself.

But still, there are many, many more people who would pay money to fuck Adam Driver:

We’ve tallied the votes, evaluated the math, and figured some stuff out in the shower. We’re calling it: Adam Driver is hot as fuck.