This ‘scientific’ website told us whether we were hot or ugly, and now we all kind of want to die


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This ‘scientific’ website told us whether we were hot or ugly, and now we all kind of want to die

‘Warning: Do not use if you have low self-esteem’

So we’ve all heard that facial symmetry is the underlying factor behind what most people consider traditionally attractive. Basically, if you could mirror one half of your face and still look normal, you’re a perfect 10. That’s why if you flip Gigi Hadid’s face, she looks like this:

Pretty Scale does it for you, giving a readout of exactly how hot you are on a 100-point scale and — here’s the suuuper fun part — everything that’s wrong with you. We discovered it in the babe office yesterday while debate over whether or not Adam Driver is hot (he is) and were instantly intrigued about what it would say about us. Maybe we’re gluttons for punishment, but we could not fucking resist.

When you log onto the site, you’re first threatened with a WARNING to not use the system if you have “low self-esteem” (tag yourself, I’m the one with low self-esteem).

You either take or upload a head-on photo (makeup, hair and skin don’t affect it) and then align all of your features.

Some people (staff writer Caroline Phinney) had trouble fitting their pea-heads into the frame and had to move closer.

You adjust the arrows to measure out different parts of your face, and the results readout pops up. Our results were very staggered, but we all had some intense fucking feelings about the things we were dragged for:

Caroline, 22

“So I know I’m not THE most attractive person, but I really thought I would break the 30 threshold. That said, I have more to offer than looks. When you grow up as a 9% you learn to develop your personality first.”

Eleni, 23

“I was a bit annoyed by the ‘forehead too big’ comment but I’d rather have a big forehead than have bangs so I got over it — big forehead my ass, smh.”

Amanda, 23

“Clearly symmetry doesn’t mean shit because I wanna FaceTune myself to death. Taking the straight-on photo of myself also taught me that I’m a little cross-eyed, so that’s fun.”

Matt, 25

“70 percent is like a GPA of 3.0, which I find both flattering and fair. It’s good to know someone other than my mother thinks I’m a handsome young man. Can you put my number as the caption?”

Lexi, 21

“The system is based on symmetry so I know I was never going to get the highest score – my face is wonky af. I also know  it doesn’t take into account gr8 hair, on fleek makeup, or ~ piercing ~ blue eyes, so it hasn’t knocked my confidence too much :stuck_out_tongue:

Josh, 22

“69, nice.”

Now we all have complexes, but at least now we know exactly what it is we hate about ourselves. Love it!!!!!

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