I tried asking guys on Tinder for $5, and the money came pouring in


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I tried asking guys on Tinder for $5, and the money came pouring in

Horny men are desperate

Earlier this week a tweet about a girl asking sleazy dudes for money on Tinder went viral

In her bio she wrote “Send me $5 and see what happens”, and they came in droves.

So I decided to give it a shot as well

It’s honestly hard to feel bad for taking money from them when they’re just so darn stupid, so I got over the guilt pretty quickly. If we have to deal with it all day every day we might as well capitalize upon it, right?

So far, in two days, I’ve made $55.00

To you that may not sound like a ton, but the average American makes $211.36 in a work day, and all I did was sit in my bed on a Sunday eating Cheetos and swiping right.

At first I was skeptical of how well it would work

They can’t be that stupid I thought. Will they call me out for it? Will they think I’m a really less-than-average bot? Will my account get reported?

But once again I’d underestimated the sheer stupidity of boys who haven’t gotten any in a while

And the ‘down payments’ began

I’ll toss it a like — I’m not petty:

But for the most part, they were just a bit off.

A few guys got really mad

Some got upset when they realized this was all — shock! horror! — a scam to get them to give me the money I deserve and then un-match them.

And some had other ideas

At one point, I even had the chance to meet this lovely, completely normal gentleman who definitely had no intentions of murdering me.

But when I messaged my coworkers they talked me out of it

They knew I was working on this project, and they set me straight pretty quickly.

Part of me regrets not going, but the other part of me knows it wasn’t meant to be :/

That said, I will certainly not feel bad transferring the rest of the money into my bank account, and I will definitely not be stopping anytime soon.


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