I tricked the internet into believing an insane rumor about Lena Dunham


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I tricked the internet into believing an insane rumor about Lena Dunham

I April Fool’d basically all of Twitter

This past Saturday was April Fool’s Day. Per tradition at The Tab and babe, we published a made-up news story as an April Fool’s joke.

This year, I thought we’d combine every college student’s favorite topics of discussion: feminism, intersectional feminism, Lena Dunham, and the active refusal to use those four words in the same sentence.

I wrote my copy with gleeful abandon, laughing at my own jokes because I’m forever alone, and envisioning my future career at The Onion. Making random shit up off the top of my head was sooo much fun. I thought it’d be hard to find the fine line between WTF/outrageous and just barely believable, but luckily for me, that line literally consists of NYU students standing together holding hands and singing Joni Mitchell.

A few hours later, after revamping a tweet, channeling my inner email-writing British scientist, and taking advantage of my editor Matt’s fire photoshop skills, alter-Lena was ready to meet the world. We published the article at midnight on Friday, and the next day people went nuts.

Here were some of the best reactions:

Turns out you can make it up, apparently



My reaction exactly



It IS a joke guys it’s okay!!

We don’t attack we’re nice I promise

I’m with you Kate, I was surprised that everyone said “omfg I’m shocked how on earth could this happen” while simultaneously believing the story without question. Also HI BARACK

Well, Paloma, Jared Kushner went here so who really knows anymore

Hallalu, indeed

As much as the article was all fun and games, it goes to show how easily a fake story is spread and believed, especially when it’s on a hot topic or a controversial celebrity. Thousands of people fell for a joke that could have been ousted by quick check of Lena Dunham’s twitter feed, something that unfortunately happens a lot with real-life stories that are waaay more important.

Thanks for being part of our April Fool’s! Until next year, we’ll stick to real stories.