I asked guys on Tinder if they would go down on me while I was on my period


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I asked guys on Tinder if they would go down on me while I was on my period

‘No you scumbag’

It’s becoming more and more acceptable to talk about periods in modern society, and even to talk about having sex on your period (which is great, btw). But a big taboo subject at the moment is whether guys would/should go down on a girl while she’s on her period. I’m not sure why, it’s just a bit of blood, nothing that’s going to kill you. It’s probably even a bit healthy, when you think about how much iron there is in blood.

Earlier this week an article published by Metro embraced the idea of menstrual cunnilingus, which kicked off a bit of a debate. Most of the girls I knew were curious, but undecided about the whole thing. One of them said: “I guess it just depends on what the guys comfortable with – like the way some girls are fine with swallowing and some aren’t. I guess it’s a bit more extreme than that, but same kinda idea.”

The general consensus is that guys on Tinder are pretty much up for anything. Most of them are just on there for a quick bang, let’s be honest, and the fact that you’re unlikely to see each other again makes people willing to try all kinds of weird shit. But is there a limit to this? Is there a line that even Tinder guys won’t cross? To test it out, I went on Tinder, and asked every guy whether they would eat me out while I was on my period.

Turns out, they’re not as “up for anything” as they would have us believe. Most of them just thought I was grim to even ask, but there were a few knights in shining armour willing to help out a damsel in distress. Those are the true MVP’s, the guys who know that just because we have a uterus, doesn’t mean we deserve to be sexually frustrated for one week every month.

I think this guy was high tbh You would be surprised Thanks bbz xox What a gent At least he used a good meme to let me down gently He did not seem keen There’s a recurring theme going on here It’s not the same thing It’s still not the same thing Lol Short and sweet, straight to the point

Basically, if you’re hot, you’re in luck. Good to know.