I’m not trying to be dramatic, but I think we might have just found the best dating app for true love


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I’m not trying to be dramatic, but I think we might have just found the best dating app for true love

If you want a real relationship, give this a go

Look, I know you have a million dating apps. Tinder, OK Cupid, Hinge, Bumble, Happn, Hater — it can all be a lot. And fine, I don't want to say they all might as well be called Swipe-2-Suck, but I'm truly wary of how marriage material these "haha and then what (((:" boys are.

Enter Sweet Pea.

Yeah, it's an app but it's not like most apps, OK? It filters out all the creeps, gives you an array of matches based on compatibility, and puts an emphasis on shared interests and beliefs rather than whose face you'd most like to suck in a dark bar — but there are still spots of lots of pictures because everyone knows that's still a little important.

I spent my working day today trying Sweet Pea (anything 4 my fans!) and as a serial dater, my biggest takeaway was that it seems to combine the best elements of every dating app to cobble together a kind of uniquely bespoke model. You've got the swipe-match of Tinder, the compatibility questionnaires of OKC, and the controlled first-messaging feature of Bumble — seriously, you can use the settings to decide if you'd rather message or be messaged first.

When you first log in, using either Facebook or your phone number, you're implored to fill out just a few questions about your habits and worldview and then set an "icebreaker" question to take the guesswork out of that first message. I know you're all desperate to know, so I'll just tell you: my icebreaker is about Neopets.

Pick your three main traits

Pick your three main traits

Honestly, though, the greatest part might be that you get to filter out all of the fuckboys that infiltrate every social media inbox you own. You pick your intentions (hookups, long-term dates, friends, etc.) as to avoid that weird "What is this…?" convo that creeps in after date #3, and the app's hush feature automatically filters out the nasty messages so you don't have to look at them — unless you want to.

S'cute, right? I know this sounds devastatingly similar to a paid advertisement but I swear on my medicine cabinet filled with Glossier that I'm just an honest-to-God fan out here trying to meet her tRuE lOvE. Actually, Sweet Pea is so into their mission of helping people find healthy relationships (can't relate!) that they donate 10 percent of profits to aid domestic violence victims and raise awareness against abuse.

Swiping left and right on men is 100 percent my favorite activity after eating, drinking gin and cleaning my ears with q-tips (it just feels so good) and Sweet Pea is well, a sweet way to do it.

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